Trusted email for handling registered email and electronic archives

A reliable program for managing your trusted email correspondence is indispensable in today's business environment. All businesses have legal obligations and a commercial interest in keeping track of electronic messages and their various documents in electronic format. Consumers and partners in the digital world are increasingly aware of risks that endanger business processes and privacy, therefore it is important to answer to their concerns. This is the NetPrem trusted mail solution’s highest priority: the trusted id email is designed to protect the identities and personal data of all stakeholders.

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Security of information is at the top of benefits list for this trusted id email

Recognising that digital traffic of sensitive information is increasing and being committed to providing safe and reliable solutions in telecommunications we have developed the NetPrem. This trusted email package is compatible with our e-Archive product for a complete management of your digital correspondence. All your data will be secure with our protocols and procedures, which is of utmost importance, since privacy concerns and mutual trust determine the business success. The submitted data is handled using various techniques to ensure several levels of protection against physical or network intrusion. Our servers and locations are constantly monitored for any issues.

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NetPrem service for trusted email: sender and receiver equally protected

With the NetPrem trusted id email we've developed a product, that is making sure that messages in registered mail are sent and received withe the highest level of security and reliability. It provides proof with electronic signatures and time stamps demonstrating the sending, delivery and opening times of the registered email. Each delivered registered email can be trusted, because it carries an electronic signature and a time-stamp by the Timestamp Authority (TSA). It is encrypted and saved in a secure electronic archive, which has been accredited. The sender can access the information which is being kept at any time, as well as request electronic proof of the times of delivery, opening or rejection from the recipient. The product is designed for business or public sector use. You can send messages and documents using the service, email client or web services. All export and delivery processes can be automatized and thus significantly simplified.

Trusted id email

Don’t leave it up to chance - make sure to be listed among the trusted email domains

Businesses want to ensure that clients and business partners receive the emails they are sent. With the NetPrem solution handling the business administration is straightforward and reliable. The trusted email complies with the standard for registered electronic mail: ETSI TS 102-640, which guarantees the highest quality for using registered emails or their proxies. The service for handling Postal Registered Emails (PREM) ensures all safety and security elements of registered email. builds on our Quadon™ PostMaster platform, which also supports invoicing.

A trusted email service compatible with our  E-Archiving system allows storing of emails or various other documents in the secure and reliable NetPrem e-Archive. This in-house electronic archive builds from Quadon™ E-Archive and ensures secure saving of documents, which are equipped with time-stamps for long-time-archiving (LTA).

In this way businesses can always keep track of important documents, messages and pieces of proof. Easy and integrated use of email and archiving systems means that you’re able to send messages using the Web GUI, email clients (e.g. Outlook and WS interface), using your preferred device (PC, smartphone, ..) or your ERP or CRM. 

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