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Quadon postmaster for handling registered email with easy efficiency

Quadon postmaster is a Teletech product made for anyone that needs to handle registered email quickly and with cost efficiency. It is a one-stop shop platform, joining the electronic commerce and registered email service. This means that it is a two in one for any company that needs to maximize their outputs. We've developed this platform solution with our experts that have years of experience in the field, thus making it one of the most innovative and flexible solutions in this part of Europe. Our company is a fast growing leader in Central Europe, providing IT solutions, of which Quadon postmaster is one of the most prominent and best-selling articles.  All our products are characterized by the innovative and flexible spirit of our developers and the young tradition of our company. We were established in 2004 in Slovenia and have recently started a UK branch.

Quadon postmaster

What makes quadon the perfect choice for hanling your trusted email?

Quadon is a single platform joining e-commerce and registered mail services. The Teletech house-developed software is compatible with other platforms and applications used, and easily upgradeable. Modular approach is one of our key features, and has ensured us with the trust of many clients worldwide. Quadon postmaster is a comprehensive solution for sending and receiving registered emails and documents. You can easily convert electronic documents to desired formats and align effortlessly to the business standards of your partners. The adjoining Quadon™ E-Archive is a system for archiving registered email and fully compatible with Quadon postmaster. This modular outset is a key feature of all Teletech products. We remain customer-oriented and always strive to deliver the greatest cost-efficiency for our clients. It is also possible to customize our solutions so don't hesitate to get in touch. Our website features explanations and information on our products. You'll find more detailed characteristics of each system in additional links, documents and brochures features at the site.

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From now on it's easy to manage trusted email domains

Handling trusted email domains can be a nightmare with real and severe budget consequences, therefore we have developed a system, which lets you handle that with integrated features. Quadon postmaster not only registers and time-stamps email, but also helps you manage your safe address list. In addition, it generates proof of sending and delivery on every message, as well as its opening. The integrated NetPrem service is fully aligned with the ETSI TS 102-640 standard for Registered Electronic Mail. This solution can integrate easily with similar servers across the globe, thus making it a welcome option for postal services of international scale.

Quadon system for trusted email

Featuring options for converting electronic documents

Most of Quadon™ PostMaster users are public administrations, such as e-governments or  coursts and financial institutions, like banks. It has an integrated feature for conventing electronic documents. All registered email, which is delivered, gets stamped electronically and this holds as proof. Encryption takes place, and the documents is stored in a secure accredited e-archive. Regardless of the location you're at or you're doing business with, we fully comply with relevant standards and regulations. Do get in touch though the website or per telephone or email with one of our offices. We have a presence in several countries and speak your language. Let us know if you need customization, we'll do everything to come towards your needs with our high-quality deliverables. Understanding that each client is different, we have provided for modular and integrated solutions, which are easily adapted to respond to your needs.