Postmaster delivery and highest reliability registered email service

Any system with an SMTP server which supports emails relaying or delivery, must have a dedicated and reserved mailbox  - postmaster - as a local name, which is case-insensitive. Our company being a global telecommunications provider, we are most aware of the importance in ensuring the postmaster delivery service to the highest standards. That is why we have developed a tool to help you manage and track your email traffic and electronic commerce with excellence and ease. We have designed this product to address the needs of today's top-end demands on delivery messages and business continuity. A postmaster represents the administrator of an email server and we thoroughly understand that it is imperative for any serious player in the telecommunications market to have a domain with a corresponding and impeccably functional e-mail address, where the errors or mistakes in the processing of emails are directed to.

Comprehensive service: from postmaster mailbox to electronic commerce platform

The product ensures that our partners receive a complete user-experience of electronic communication. We have developed a postmaster delivery service for registered email (REM) and included a platform to address your electronic commerce needs. Our postmaster mailbox makes it easy to automatize your processes. We guarantee safe communication with all your stakeholders, from public and governance actors to suppliers, customers and business partners.  You can rely on the discretion, security and ownership of our expertize and our delivery solution, which provides all of the above in a single platform. It could be described as a one-stop-shop for postmaster delivery, and more.

The Quadon postmaster tool lets you tap into the e-commerce growth trend

Besides its registered email service, the postmaster delivery tool helps you efficiently manage your electronic commerce. Commercial traffic on-line reached over 23 % in 2017 in China, just below 20 % in the UK and 16 % in South Korea. While in the US web-based selling and buying represented 9 % of all retail sales in the country in 2017, it is poised to grow and surpass 12 percent in 2020 according to estimates. To productively and quickly make use of the growing commercial traffic on-line, choose the most reliable product, which allows you to handle your postmaster mailbox at the same time - a unique feature of our postmaster mailbox tool.

Postmaster mailbox Teletech

Beyond e-commerce: a tool to manage your postmaster e-archive and postmaster mail

Quadon postmaster provides postmaster delivery services which we've designed in partnership with the extensive client base from all over the world. The demands of fast evolving businesses and legal obligations are handled with appropriate solutions and deliverables. The integrated postmaster mail service is upgraded with a postmaster e-archive. This ensures that your legal exigencies are met and your business continuity guaranteed. The registered email delivery to the mailbox of the recipient can be easily tracked in the postmaster delivery message. With this product you are able to receive and send registered emails, various documents, convert any electronic documents into different desired formats according to the standards that your business partners are using. You can easily store all of this in the highly-reliable e-archive, which guarantees protection and safety. No one should underestimate the importance of efficient management and secure access to your electronic documents from the creation onwards. Contact our offices worldwide for a personalised package and talk to our experts to address and remaining questions, doubts or comments. We adapt to your national circumstances and provide a service in your language.