Teletech provides market research of telecommunication

Teletech provides customers with system maintenance on all levels and also including 24/7 support and proactive system monitoring. All their services follow ITIL standards and best prices. They also provide business analyses, consultancy and market research of telecommunication. They deliver to their client's strategic advantages for their key decisions, based on their rich experience with telecommunication and IT market. Teletech has experiences and offers support also on banking. They have highly skilled professionals and exceptional individuals. Their offices are in Ljubljana, Maribor and abroad.

Mobile portability services allow network changing without changing phone number

Mobile portability services allow to change network while retaining same phone number. Because mobile phones have become indispensable, change of mobile number can be quite sensitive issue. Mobile service providers offer many services and products. Customers are often drawn to new providers who are offering something new or offer something that previous provider did not. If customer decides on changing providers, they usually have to change the number too. Beside informing all their family and friends, there is also strong chances, that customer loses some contacts. Mobile number portability services provide procedures that allow quick and simple switch. Procedures for transfer of mobile phone number are handled in decentralised number portability systems. That way operators directly arrange the porting process. Much better are systems which employ centralized processes. Use of CRDB improves efficiency of mobile portability. Schemes which include a CRDB, bypass routing problems and reason for that is all data held in one source.

Market research of telecommunication

QMedia and PostMaster eArchive are both systems for storing important files

QMedia is an advanced system which captures live TV and audio streams. From the internet raw streams are captured along with multicast video streams or audio streams. Then, audio/video streams are transcoded to lower quality streams for viewing, editing and archiving. Transcoded and archived video content is suitable for further analysing and editing which is fingerprinting, captioning EPG insertion. Features of QMedia are: 24/7 capturing, streaming server for playouts, Web player and Web application to view, stream media and metadata, storage archive for media, system monitoring, media, metadata, archive overview and management. PostMaster eArchive can be used as a depository for storing files, log files or it can be used as professional central eArchive which has active time stamping, signing, versioning of documents. It can be simply integrated with external time stamp authority, certificate authority and PostMaster delivery notes. PostMaster eArchive contains servers for storing evidence, original message and other files in a file content management repository.