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Quadon system from Teletech for all number portability processes

Quadon system is used for ensuring consistent and comprehensive solutions for number portability. All telecommunications actors, including operators and regulators, are aware that customers will want to have their mobile or landline numbers transferred between different operators and systems. Teletech has developed a system of linked but independent components for ensuring Quadon - a solution, suitable to implement at any stage of the number portability process. The expertise and experience from our experts together with the feedback from our clients are a guarantee that Quadon is a user-friendly and cost-efficient system, which will answer your number portability needs. We’ve developed Quadon on the basis of best practices as grown over the years with our extensive client base from all over the world. The customers’ feedback and references are a guarantee that we deliver customized and efficient IT-solutions.

Quadon solutions at Teletech

Quadon™ np gateway ensures smooth running of number portability processes

The Quadon™ NP gateway is a comprehensive solution for number portability. It can be used by mobile and fixed operators and is integrated into the existing software used. It functions by linking the central number portability database (CRDB) and the systems used by the operators. In this way all information which is being ported and the information about the routing process is managed in an orderly and efficient way between all actors. Quadon is modular and the Quadon™ np gateway can be upgraded with other software solutions from Teletech, which extend the easy management of number portability and increase cost efficiency. Quadon™ NP GW ensures full customization of reports, which are exportable to PDF, Excel, HTML, and CSV. It features advanced tools for operators that are used for monitoring and reporting, and also has functions allowing logging and alarms.

Teletech number portability solution for your local number portability process

Quadon can be linked to other software components by teletech which ensure smooth and seamless running of the local number portability processes. The Quadon™ QPort Web GUI application is used for managinfg administrative aspects of the porting procedures. It is integrated with the operator’s software for billing and provisioning, thus making the administrative aspects even more cost-balanced. Number portability is a reality around the world, even though rules differ between countries. Our systems are made to fit any regulation, and portability can be ensured instantly. We recommend that you contact one of our offices to get advice on your local rules and a made-to-measure solution that fits them.

Local number portability process

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Years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients are a proof that our solution for mobile number portability processes works. The Quadon system is employable physically on servers or can function from a virtualized environment. This makes it even more flexible and modular to use around the globe. It can be connected to any existing relational database used by the operator (Oracle RAC or others) and can function in simple one server configuration or a clustered environment. Regardless of what your situation is we will deliver the service that will be most cost-efficient for you and will meet the demands of your local environment. You’ll find all information on our website and we will be happy to answer any queries. Our young and innovative team will provide expert advice in the field. We have experts in customer service looking to meet your demands, on top of the IT-professionals of highest levels. Based in Slovenia, with a subsidiary in the UK we’re a fast growing flexible and customer-oriented telecommunications solutions provider. Contact us for a personalised offer on Quadon and a customized solution.