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Porting your number when you change operator can be an arduous task. However, with the right framework in place, the process can be made simple and easy. Use of a central reference database (CRDB) when porting a cell phone number streamlines the process, making it highly efficient. All customer information is stored centrally and accessed and distributed using a software solution from Teletech that acts a gateway between the CRDB and other relevant operator departments. The Quadon NP Gateway is a complete solution for number portability for operators. 
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How does porting your number work?

You may come to porting your cell phone number when choosing to switch network operator. This used to be a long process, during which your customer information was transferred directly from your old operator (the sender) to your desired new operator (the receiver). This process could take a long time and was sometimes subject to complications by the sender who did not want to lose a customer. Additionally, because of the unstandardised nature of the process, information could easily be lost on the way. However, number porting changed considerably with the introduction of CRDB. Porting became possible at the wish of the customer and without complications by the sender. The CRDB holds all customer information securely in a central location. When a porting request is made, information is simply sent from the CRDB to the receiver and an SMS notification is sent to the customer.

A complete solution for CRDB number porting

For CRDB porting to work most efficiently, an advanced software solution must be used to connect it to the relevant departments of the operator company. In this way, when a porting request is made by a customer, their information is sent as quickly as possible to the necessary departments. Teletech’s Quadon NP Gateway is such a solution. It acts as a portal between the CRDB, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, billing and provisioning departments, SIM or local registration databases and all operator outlets and resellers. The data shared between these departments is synchronised automatically for maximum efficiency. Porting requests are made by outlets and resellers who initiate the procedure using either a simple GUI web application or an internal STK application. After verification, they are sent to the CRDB and other operators. When the sender approves the porting, Quadon transfers the subscriber information to the billing department and notifies the customer via SMS.
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Secure number porting with Quadon

The Quadon NP Gateway works by connecting the CRDB with multiple operators and their various departments. Teletech’s system builds these connections with a wealth of protections in place. The connection between the Quadon NP Gateway and the CRDB is secured using a VPN tunnel which protects their communication. Further security can be added using encryption such as HTTPS. Additionally, security is added at the user level – the execution of actions may be depend on authentication using electronic signatures and server and client certificates. Restriction is also limited to the applications controlling CRDB porting – login is required before any actions may be made.

Quadon is the complete solution for CRDB porting

Porting your number is simplified by using a centralised network and the Quadon NP Gateway solution. With the CRDB, number porting is made fast and easy through Quadon. Information is synchronised quickly and securely to make the number porting process as efficient as possible. Contact Teletech today for your solution.