Quadon PostMaster mailbox for secure email

The Quadon PostMaster mailbox is a complete tool for sending and receiving registered emails (REM) and for storing and sending documents. The security of the system is legally accredited for safety of document retention and includes timestamping as a standard feature. It supports various protocols for the delivery of documents and data and is readily integrable with several ERP and CRM systems. PostMaster offers a fully comprehensive electronic communication and e-commerce solution.
Postmaster mailbox tools

Secure email and hybrid mail service with PostMaster

Delivery of emails is secure, certified and timestamped with the PostMaster mailbox platform. It is an advanced information system, which enables safe and effective e-communication and e-commerce. It is flexible and easily integrable, meaning that customers may send emails using their own CRM or ERP services, PostMaster web services or other programmes already in use. It is a practical solution, easy for businesses to take on board. IA hybrid mail service may also be included, which allows messages that originate in electronic format (e.g., PDF) to be delivered physically – the customer may scan a document, send it to a national postal service and have it delivered physically to the recipient address.

Safe registered email with PostMaster NetPrem service

One excellent tool available with PostMaster is the NetPrem emailing service, which allows the sending and receiving of registered emails (REM). The service is a trusted and reliable way to deliver and store official and business messages, in addition to documents, operational notes and files. All messages are signed and timestamped, and the service operates with full ETSI REM support. This means that every submission, delivery and opening generates ESTI REM evidence, so that receipts and certificates for delivered and read emails are generated. This information is retrievable at any time. Security is ensured by use of a proxy, making the service ideal for institutions such as governments, courts and banks. All messages are timestamped by the Timestamp Authority (TSA), encrypted and stored in a secure, accredited electronic archive. The NetPrem REM service operates in full compliance with ETSI standards, assuring safe delivery and storage of registered emails and documents. 

Full security with the PostMaster eArchive

Another of the PostMaster tools available for ready integration with the platform is the electronic archive, PM eArchive. It is a high performance, reliable and secure solution for safe storage of various types of files, including documents, images and more in various formats (e.g., PDF, DOC, XLSX, TXT, XML, JPG, ZIP, etc.). Data may be stored in several repositories at different locations in order to ensure disaster-proof storage. The PostMaster eArchive can be used as a simple repository for important files or can be utilised as a central eArchive for businesses, which timestamps, signs and versions each document. External timestamp and certificate authorities (TSA, CA) can also be affiliated when using the PostMaster eArchive. For ease of use, all actions for accessing and storing documents can be controlled from third party applications. These operate in complete security – only authorised personnel may access the files and documents. A readily understandable GUI interface administers the applications.
Postmaster delivery

Complete security and reliability with PostMaster

By definition, Teletech’s Quadon PostMaster mailbox platform is a complete and highly secure solution for businesses and official institutions. It provides comprehensive services for electronic communication, registered email and e-commerce. Processes can be easily automated and integrated with other services, systems and applications safely and reliably. Communication with governments, partners, suppliers and customers is completely taken care of in a secure, reliable and cost-effective manner. Contact Teletech today for your solution.