Teletech inc IT solutions are flexible and modular

Teletech inc is a young and fast-growing company, able to deliver fast and made-to-measure IT solutions. We're based in Slovenia, with offices in several countries. Teletech inc experts have year's of experience in working with the top brands and names in the industry, so they continue the innovative and agile practices that they have learned. Slovenia is a top spot for IT experts and our IT professionals are sought after in many countries of the world. The flexibility and innovative spirit of Teletech inc team, together with the personalised approach that we always take towards our customers, hare a guarantee that you will have the utmost satisfaction with our products. We're always aware of the cost-benefit ration and stand ready to offer customised solutions for our clients. Understanding the need of the fats-paced and ever chaning IT environment, we will make sure to deliver the highest-end IT solutions, which will fit into your existing applications. This will save you time and money, as well as avoid too many unnecessary changes disrupting the working processes and dissatisfied staff.

Teletech IT solutions

Teletech company profile is proof of our high standards

The Teletech company profile is in line with our vision of growth. We started in 2004 as a small IT solutions provider in Slovenia. Since then, we’ve developed a high-quality service which has convinced many clients in our home country and abroad. The need to continue expanding has led us to answerthe market demans and grow with another company in the UK, Teletech inc Ltd. The vision of our company remains the wish to be a recognised advanced IT-solutions provider, mostly for the Central European area. We cater for telecommunications regulators, telecommunications operators and banking institutions. Teletech inc customers receive highest-quality services and solutions, which are innovative and unique, as well as in line with the Teletech company profile and mission.

Trust the Teletech solutions and choose the best telecommunication products

The vision and mission of our work have convinced many renowned clients over the years that the Teletech profile is the right mode of IT service for them. We’ve provided the best telecommunication products to number portability services providers in Slovenia, Ukraine and Monrtenegro, as well as registered mail solutions for Serbian providers. Outside of Europe, Teletech solutions have convinced clients as far away as Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia. The knowledge and experience of our team, together with the flexible service and personal approach have led to the highest satisfaction rates of our client base, which ranges from private to public actors.

Teletech INC

All products in range are described at Teletech website

The most successful products from Teletech inc are solutions in the field of number portability and registered mail. Quadon number portability system is a comprehensive answer to number portability needs of regulators, ensuring seamless procedures for all actors. The NetPrem system for handling registered mail is a modular frame of software components, which can be added to ensure complete handling of registered email, including time stamps, billing, accounting and archiving. The Mediaklik solution is in line with the Teletech company statement and delivers comprehensive agile and modular systems of media monitoring, video rating control and tracking.

A comprehensive overview of our products and services is available at the Teletech website. We’ll be happy to provide customized variants for your needs, so please get in touch with us. We speak your language and will make sure you get the state-of-the art solution for your IT problem that you deserve.