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Quadon is an innovative modular number porting solution

Quadon, a system developed by Teletech to address all aspects of number porting, is a comprehensive answer to the needs of today's modern telecommunications environment.  Our experts have consulted the clients and contacts around the world and developed this innovative and modular system, which links several components within the Quadon framework. It consists of modules guaranteeing seamless procedures in number portability, e-commerce, registered email and e-archiving.  The links between the module Quadon NP and CRDB (Central Reference Database) are assured and can easily adapt to the existing software solutions used by the operators and regulators.

Quadon portability process

Quadon NP CRDB for seamless porting processes anywhere in the world

Quadon NP CRDB is our solution for porting landline and mobile numbers anywhere in the world. Operators and regulators understand that customers want to keep their phone number when changing operators, and these processes are regulated nationally. The software developed by Teletech is readily usable and integrated into any existing systems. The Quadon NP not only respects the standards of NP Clearing House design, but it can be immediately deployed, either in the country itself or in a cloud. It is ready for porting between two fixed numbers, a landline and mobile number or two mobile numbers and can be also used for international porting. It joins tools and solutions for small and large operators and is characterized by a real ease of use, starting with one-man shops. It also features VAS support – infrastructure ENUM and local loop unbundling, as well as support for repatriation processes.

Standardized and cost-efficient tool for your local number portability process

Depending on your location you might need to respect different regulations regarding local number portability process. The comprehensive Quadon system can be deployed anywhere in the world and it is usable immediately. We've extracted the main features in a way that they can fit into any existing framework and can be employed on the spot. This ensures instant portability and also links regulators' and operators' databases, while keeping track of all numbers ported. What is more, the Quadon portability solution is aligned with our tools for e-commerce and registered email, as well as e-archiving, which make the system variable and ensures a balance of costs.

Local number portability process

Transparent and easy handling of landline and mobile number portability process

Mobile number portability processes are just the cherry on the cake of the array of services offered by the Quadon system. On top of that, the solution guarantees a highly reliable, safe and advanced portability tool, which meets your needs. The response of our clients in various continents has been very positive. We've helped regulators and operators in Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, the Ukraine, Saint Lucia and Saint Kitts and Nevis. Our clients most appreciate the scalability and modularity of the system, which can be upgraded. Service like ENUM, user ENUM and LLU can be additionally integrated into the platform, which can function in a server on in cloud environment.

This solution is highly innovative and advanced. Our experts have used all feedback from the field and their expertise to guarantee the best possible service. This approach of putting the user in the centre has made Teletech a leading telecommunications actor in Central Europe. Based in Slovenia, we've also started a subsidiary in the UK. You'll find more comprehensive information on our website. Please contact us for a personalized offer; we're always ready to consider customization to meet your needs.

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