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Using a central reference database (CRDB) for porting mobile phone numbers is the most efficient and reliable method available today. All customer details are kept up-to-date in the CRDB, meaning that the receiving operator simply acquires accurate customer information from there during the number porting process. The Quadon number portability gateway is a complete solution for number portability for operators. It connects the CRDB with the CRM systems, acting as a gateway between the database, customer resources billing/provisioning departments and local registries. In this way, correct and efficient processing and porting of mobile and fixed phone numbers is assured.

CRDB porting

What is a central reference database (CRDB)?

Porting telephone numbers used to be a long, drawn-out process, in which customer information was sent from one operator to another directly. When a customer wanted to switch from one network provider to another, the process could take a very long time and complications could easily arise. With a CRDB, complications are avoided because all customer information is held in one universally accessible location. All customer details are kept up-to-date and are available to all operators. Therefore, when a customer wishes to switch from one network operator to another, their details are readily accessible to the receiving operator, accurately and in the appropriate format. When an operator is connected to the CRDB, porting becomes a fast and simple process, executable through simple applications.

Quadon NP Gateway – connecting the CRDB

In order to work at its optimal capacity, the CRDB needs to have a good functional connection to operators. Teletech provides this with their full solution for number portability – the Quadon NP Gateway connects the CRDB with all the necessary departments of the operator. It acts as a portal between the CRDB, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, billing/provisioning departments, SIM or local registration databases and all operator outlets and resellers. It is a central connector between all of these departments and the CRDB, meaning that it takes care of local number portability completely. The process is simply initiated by staff using intuitive GUI web applications or internal STK applications. All connections are secure and all actions are synchronised between the connected systems for efficiency.

CRDB database Teletech

The advantages of number porting with a CRDB

Applied effectively, the CRDB provides an indispensable resource for number portability for operators. The Quadon NP Gateway remains constantly connected and synchronised with the CRDB. The connection is made secure by use of a VPN tunnel and extra encryption can be added as well as authentication measures, such as electronic signatures and server/client certificates. Once the CRDB notifies Quadon NP Gateway that a number porting will take place, Quadon gathers the required data and stores it, ready for access from all who need it. It notifies the billing/provisioning departments and other relevant departments about the scheduled porting, the details and the porting date. Billing/provisioning systems connect to Quadon NP Gateway using a web service interface. They retrieve the porting data using synchronous web service calls or they may simply receive a notification. The Quadon NP service is always tailored to fit the specific need of the customers’ systems.

Efficient CRDB porting with Quadon NP Gateway

Local number portability using a CRDB is taken care of completely with Teletech’s Quadon NP Gateway. It acts as a central connector between the CRDB, the operator’s CRM systems and all other relevant departments, making it an indispensable tool for efficient and accurate mobile and fixed telephone number porting. Contact Teletech for your customised solution.

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