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Local Number Portability | Rules and Costs

Number portability, or local number portability, is the process by which a customer transfers their telephone number from one network operator to another. This process is made simple and cost effective by use of a number of rules. These rules of working help to speed up the process and keep costs low. The solution is advanced telecommunication software like Teletech’s Quadon NP Gateway, which streamlines and secures fixed and mobile number portability. The process is simplified for customers and operators alike. The cost of number portability is kept low with automated actions and automatic synchronisation.

Number portability rules

The optimal method for local number portability

The rules that determine the most efficient and effective method for local number portability have been learnt through previous errors. It used to be that when a customer wished to change network but keep their phone number, they had to go through an arduous process of requesting that their information be transferred from their old operator to their new one. This transfer could take a very long time and the bill to the customer could be very high. The sending operator could also delay and complicate the process in order to try to avoid losing a customer. These problems are are, however, readily prevented by use of a central reference database (CRDB) – a centralised information point in which all customer information is stored. It is available to all operators and automatically synchronised with their data in order to stay perfectly up-to-date. When the time comes for number portability, all customer information is readily available to receiving operators, reducing the incidence of delay and complication in the number porting process. Teletech’s Quadon NP Gateway acts as a portal for connecting the CRDB with all operator systems for ultimate efficiency.

Local number portability streamlined

In order to make the most of having centralised customer information with the CRDB, it is important that it is connected with operators in the most effective way possible. This is where Teletech’s Quadon NP Gateway comes in. It acts as a portal between the CRDB, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, billing and provisioning departments, SIM or local registration databases and all operator resellers and outlets. The information shared between these departments is synchronised automatically by the Quadon NP system so that number portability can be dealt with as efficiently as possible. Porting requests are taken either by shops and resellers or by customer care personnel. When they receive these requests, they execute them using simple Quadon GUI web applications or internal STK applications. Quadon then takes care of bringing decisions and notifications to the other relevant departments such as billing and provisioning departments and SIM or local registration databases. Both porting between operators and repatriation of users back to their old operator is taken care of quickly and simply.

Local number portability meaning

Quadon number portability is fast and secure

The Quadon NP Gateway carries out number portability processes by using a centralised network of connections that makes it extremely efficient. It is also highly secure – connections between Quadon and the CRDB are secured using a VPN tunnel, in addition to extra encryption and authentication measures, such as electronic signatures and server or client certificates, as desired. Customer information is kept safe and secure in this way. It is available to operators only on customer request. Teletech’s Quadon NP Gateway is a complete solution for number portability for operators. It simplifies the process for customers and operators in addition to keeping costs low. Furthermore, firmly abides by the number portability rules of efficiency and security. Contact Teletech today for your solution.