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Mobile portability product meets demands of industry and consumers

The modern telecommunications user can not imagine a world without mobile portability where they would need to change their mobile number when changing the provider. This is why telecommunications operators can gain or loose clients, depending on the mobile portability solution they use. We are experts in the field, with our client base growing 75 % yearly. Through our experience and best practice we've developed a comprehensive solution, which also ensures number portability for landlines. Quadon™ NP GW is a comprehensive in-house product covering both fixed and mobile portability.

Benefits of number portability

A mobile number portability system encompassing number portability for landlines

The Quadon™ NP GW tool acts as an interface between the CRDB - central number portability database and the systems of all operators that need information about the numbers which have been ported, as well as the changed information on rooting.  For effectively managing administrative aspects of number portability, we use the Quadon™ QPort Web GUI application or integrate the Quadon™ NP GW within the provisioning and billing system of the operator. The Web GUI application ensures that operators' staff can control and access all functionalities of porting-out of numbers. The Quadon™ MNP GW is a gateway linking the systems of CRDB and CRM, which also translates all activities of CRM into parallel NP actions, as reflected in the CRDB, and vice-versa.

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Keeping the cost of number portability reasonable with this mobile portability solution

Because of its flexible and upgradeable architecture the Quadon™ system can be compared to a one-stop-shop. it is designed to adapt to all national regulatory environments, taking note of international standards and meeting the demands of businesses and consumers. It allows operators to keep complete inside control and overview of the local portability with the advances options to log, monitor, alarm and report using the integrated tolls. The reports it produces are fully customizable and proprietary, as well as exportable to formats like HTML, PDF, Excel and CSV. With Quadon™ NP GW regulators are certain to have full and first-hand support in all processes of number portability, such as porting in and porting out, porting within different operators, cooling off and other operations.

Number portability landline

Don't underestimate the benefits of number portability options for satisfied consumers

It has been noticed that good management of mobile portability represents a business opportunity. The

Quadon™ solution handles routing queries in real-time for key network elements and IT-systems, like various SMS or VAS services and banking services. It's characterized by high reliability and short response deadlines, while supporting big traffic volumes. The Quadon™ system ensures all national regulators and network providers an increased efficiency with this expert solution to landline portability and mobile portability alike. The system is always linked and aligned with the CDB. It guarantees updates of all pertaining network systems of the relevant operator and makes sure that they have the right routing information (switch, soft switch, HLR, SMSC, provisioning, billing,…). The core systems used by the operators (like MSC, HLR, VLR, SMSC or IN) are able to send queries to the Quadon™ tool. Different interfaces are used for this purpose, for example LDAP, ISUP, INAP, SMPP, ENUM, SIP, REST, Telnet, HTTP, CORBA, WS-I (SOAP), WS, SFTP, PL/SQL or SQL. More at