Number portability solutions made to integrate and align anywhere

Number portability is an issue, which can »make or break« a telecommunications provider. Customers in the modern world want to keep their phone number, be it landline or mobile, for years. At the same time they want to follow the most advantageous offers on the market, and be able to switch between operators. That is why it is so important and regulators need to make sure to manage it properly. The integrated solution from Teletech, system Quadon NP, is an integrated product, which can align with any pre-existing tools and local regulations, thus taking the meaning of mobile number portability to a whole new level.

Local number portability assured through local number portability rules compliance

The number portability rules may vary across the globe. To a large extent, telecommunications is a global market and the regulators are obliged to roughly provide similar services and manage data. Yet it can be that the duration, required or allowed for the local number portability to be executed, varies between countries or continents. It can range from immediate to several days for a transfer. Our integrated solution takes note of the local rules and adapts to any circumstance. Our experts have developed an integrated system, which can be inserted into your existing tools and databases, causing no friction in recording the data, routing calls or managing the customer-related process, like billing or invoicing.

mobile portability

Manageable cost of porting guaranteed by our integrated system

Because Quadon™ NP is a trustworthy system for completely automated technical and administrative processing that can be aligned with any existing tool, its cost-efficiency is very high. We've designed it in full compliance with the requirements of the central number portability database, so that regulator can keep an overview of the users and the porting processes easily. This system connects the central database and the systems of all operators that need information about the local porting in the desired market.


The meaning of mobile number portability redefined with our technological advances

Quadon™ NP GW can be integrated into provisioning and billing systems of any operator. Our solution can be linked to other products from our offer to handle more complex administrative aspects or email traffic. All data is exportable in different formats. We have developed a web application or a related application managing customer service. In assuring the best possible solution, Quadon NP manages all processes related to the procedure, e.g. porting in and porting our, porting among different operators, cooling-off, repatriation of numbers and others. The porting can go across national borders and if you have a specific request, our experts will provide a customized solution.

mobile portability

We have rapidly grown from a smaller-scale business to a company which reliably provides clients all over the world with first-class telecommunications products. Holding offices and sales reps in different continents, we assure a real-time personalized service regardless of your location. We make sure to fully understand your expectations and needs, to which we respond with innovative solutions for acceptable number portability costs. We always follow-up on demands and value a personal relationship with our clients, therefore we will go out of our way to provide a customized answer to your needs. Have a look at our website for more extensive information on our offers. We will be most happy to answer any queries. Please contact us via email, phone or through our sales points for a dedicated offer. Our experts will examine your specific situation, demands and circumstances and provide a customized design for your most updated and robust network architecture, ready for years to come.