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Quadon solution guarantees complete number portability procedures

Quadon was developed with the user in mind. We are a telecommunications provider with extensive experience from all over the world. The feedback that we receive is always used to further innovation and foster client-oriented solutions. No matter where you are in the world and what your national number portability regulations are, Quadon is a system that easily adapts and integrates into the current tools used and managed by your employees.

The Quadon np gateway fully supports all procedures for number portability, be it for fixed or mobile numbers. The installation can take place physically on servers or through a virtual platform. We offer top-quality tools for all operators, big and small. The Quadon solution supports VAS (ENUM infrastructure and local loop unbundling. We also make the repatriation process run smoothly.

The system allows All Call Query (ACQ) with queries in real time. This is possible for core network elements and IT systems, like various services for SMS and VAS, banking services and the like. Quadon is distinguished by its high reliability rates and short response times. We’ve developed it in a way that it can support high traffic volumes.


Quadon np gateway can be easily integrated with your existing tools and tasks

Quadon system consists of several components. Quadon np gateway is your number portability tool, which ensures all porting processes to run smoothly and reliably: porting in and porting out, porting between operators, repatriation and even cross-border procedures. We’ve included web interfaces, which are simple to manage and can be manipulated by your staff or external stores. What is more,

Quadon™ MNP GW solution ensures interfaces for logging, monitoring and alarming, linked to the Quadon system. Reports are created in a simple and flexible manner, allowing for additional customization. Controlling of billing and invoicing is also integrated.

Aligned to local number portability rules and linked to central number portability base

Even though number portability is a global trend, there are differences in rules and regulations across countries. The Quadon system is designed to fit all environments and works reliably in all circumstances. The porting process is optimized to the shortest possible time. All portability procedures are duly recorded in the central number portability base, which is linked to all operators’ outlets and shops, as well as local number portability databases.

Quadon™ NP GW is constantly connected and aligned with the central number portability database (CRDB). The system ensures updating all relevant elements in the network of the operator so that the information on the routing is correct (including switching and soft-switching, HLP, SMSC, provisioning, billing,..). The core systems used by the operator (e.g. MSC, HLR, VLR, SMSC and IN) and link to Quadon and make queries via various interfaces. The modular nature of this product means that the installation of Quadon™ MNP GW can take place in one server or on a clustered environment. The system can be connected to any existing local number portability database, like Oracle RAC or others.


Our developers continuously monitor the use and performance of Quadon and adapt the system with innovative additions and technological advances. We’ve had very positive experience with our clients from across the globe. If you have a specific request, we will be happy to adapt the standard offer with customized solutions. On our website you’ll find a detailed brochure with product descriptions. We encourage you to contact us through email or phone for a dedicated offer. Our offices and representatives in several countries will make sure to respond to your needs as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.