Professional charcoal grill is crucial for a calm and productive kitchen

A professional charcoal grill is a phenomenal addition to your restaurant kitchen. If you want to offer your customers healthy, succulent dishes, the oven grill is an excellent selection. An ideal combination of BBQ and oven will ensure your food is flavourful with a smokey taste from the coals. An ergonomically friendly, cost-effective and convenient solution is a fantastic choice for a busy restaurant kitchen where everything needs to run smoothly. Any chef who knows how to grill on a charcoal grill will look for a professional model (as they are available in many different layouts).

While the models all differ from each other, they do have some similarities. BBQs all provide a reduced cooking time and a higher throughput. They are versatile and often come with additional accessories such as stand-on legs or wheels for coal and utensils storage, a heated rack or a cabinet. And the price? A barbecue grill with an oven is relatively affordable and offers a quick return on the investment.

Professional charcoal grill

Biggest misconceptions about professional charcoal grill

The barbecue grill with an oven is a modern invention that combines the best of both worlds - oven and barbecue. While most people swear by charcoal BBQs, there are still some misconceptions about them - the most common is that they are hard to clean. In barbecuing, maintenance matters no matter what kind of BBQ you have. Proper maintenance and cleaning maintain hygiene, prolong lifespan, and enhance flavours.

Another misconception about professional charcoal grills is that they are slow. That is not true, as Kopa BBQ is up to 40% faster than any other kind of open barbecue, meaning it will give you up to 66% more throughput. They are also not hard to use. Are you unaware of how to grill on a charcoal grill? Well, they do require some adjusting. Once you master controlling the temperature, it will be plenty of fun and simple. And temperature (another misleading myth) is not hard to control. That is simply done by using the two hatches. When igniting the kindling, both should be opened.

Once the desired temperature is reached, close the bottom hatch and regulate the heat using the top one. The temperature can be monitored using the gauge on the oven door. One more misconception usually connected to the high temperatures and fires are constant flare-ups. The ideal professional charcoal grill offers controlled smouldering, preventing the flames from breaking out.

How to grill on a charcoal grill?

How to grill on a charcoal grill? If you ask any respectable chef, they will tell you that grilling is simple. There may be some trial and error, but once you master the skill, you will be preparing the most excellent dishes. It all starts with a high-quality professional charcoal grill and coal. Charcoal is made from burning hardwood at high heat in a low-oxygen environment. The hardwood then chars or carbonises. Once you lit the charcoal, the carbon mixes with oxygen, creating outstanding energy. That is why you need a smaller amount of coal to start.

When determining how much you need, think about the temperatures. The higher the temperature, the more charcoal you will use. A barbecue grill with oven is very efficient, meaning it heats up quickly. It is necessary to wait until the BBQ is ready, as it will pay off in the end. Before putting the food on grates, ensure they are oiled and heated. That will prevent the food from sticking and allow you to get notable marks. To make your experience as simple as possible, set up two zones. After all, you want the flexibility to utilise different temperatures and move food around the BBQ.

how to grill on a charcoal grill

Kopa barbecue grill with oven is efficient and reduces the cost of operation

A professional charcoal grill is manufactured from carefully selected materials with incredible attention to detail. The latter is achieved by laser and robot technology, which allow impeccable reliability and durability. Elegant and functional design offers innovative solutions in the field of barbecuing. As a result of a highly technological process, the product adjusts to every demand. It comes at an affordable price and offers lower charcoal consumption, economical energy and efficiency. This BBQ is perfect for masters of barbecue, and anyone discovering how to grill on a charcoal grill.

Controlled air movement inside the oven and high-quality insulation reduce charcoal consumption by up to 50%, and the steady radiation distributes the heat evenly and quickly. These ensure that all dishes have astonishing consistency - from meat and fish to vegetables and pizza. The barbecue also saves energy and operating costs. An all-rounder is not just ergonomically friendly, but it also helps navigate a busy kitchen environment. The barbecue grill with oven is made of stainless steel with an enamelled colour font that works great in every type of kitchen. The beautiful exterior and the simplicity of design are also incredibly functional.

barbecue grill with oven