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Pizza oven grill is practical solution that offers maximum functionality

A pizza oven grill is an extraordinary solution for any home or restaurant. It allows you to make the perfect pizza and is also ideal for preparing other meals, which gives you absolute freedom. These ever-changing dishes can vary from fish, vegetables to meat. And best is that it eliminates the need to purchase other cooking tools. Innovative BBQ solution designed by Kopa Oven offers you the maximum functionality and practicality, as well as high performance during cooking.

Many believe grilling a pizza in a barbecue pizza oven is hard. We are here to tell you it is really not - you just need to be organised. This Italian masterpiece is one of those dishes where everything needs to be ready. Make sure to have the dough, tomatoes, cheese and toppings right by your side. The key is to add the toppings a minute or two after you put the dough on the grates. Grill pizza oven guarantees even cooking.

Toppings such as tomatoes and mozzarella are succulent, meaning there will be condensation. When the condensation evaporates, the dish can lose initial crunchiness and becomes rubbery. Barbecuing avoids the risk of food being too soft or soggy at the top and burnt at the bottom.

Pizza oven grill

What to know about making pizza on the barbecue pizza oven?

The pizza oven grill is suitable for experienced chefs as well as beginners. Why would you not equip yourself with a versatile tool capable of carrying out multiple types of cooking? When preparing a meal for friends or family, most BBQ masters are set in their ways. That means they rarely try something new beyond burgers, stakes and ribs. But the latest trend in the culinary world is BBQ pizza.

Preparing it in a grill pizza oven gives a dish a faint hint of wood, just like a wood-burning oven would. Since preparing, this Italian work of art on a BBQ is relatively new, you are probably wondering what you need to know about making it on grates. Grilling a pizza has everything to do with speed and heat. High temperatures create a thin smokey crust that covers light, fluffy dough underneath. The trickiest part is draping the dough over the grates. As you put the dough on the grates, you can not move it until the underside is sufficiently prepared.

Once it is done, the dough is ready to be flipped. Remember, there is no notable technique to do it. Sure, a certain amount of experience is required, but the most important thing to do is practice. When grilling, make sure the oven is at the right temperature. That should be anywhere between 350 °C to 400 °C. With the Kopa oven, the temperature is easily controlled by two vents. The bottom one is only used for the start-up, and the top vent moves and controls the temperature. Fresh pizza should be ready to serve about 3 to 4 minutes after adding the toppings.

barbecue pizza oven

Is preparing dishes on the charcoal pizza oven grill alarming for your health?

A grill pizza oven is one of the most popular cooking devices. However, its purchase seems to be accompanied by one crucial question. Is charcoal terrible for your health? The quick answer is no. Charcoal is a tasteless and odourless natural black powder produced by flameless and oxygen-free carbonisation of wood, stones, cellulose residues, etc. Due to its absorbent, anti-toxic and purifying properties, it has been beneficial in medicine for years.

Cooking on a BBQ has many benefits, the main one being, healthy food. Meals prepared on a grate contain less fat, which results in lower caloric intake. Easily digestible food has an immense impact on the gut and overall health. How healthy grilling with charcoal is, also depends on the type of BBQ. Barbecue pizza oven Kopa is an incredible kitchen device that will change the way you cook. Why? Because it offers the user up to 30% quicker cooking time and uses 45% less charcoal due to its innovative energy-efficient design.

The best pizza oven grill is a highly efficient, durable and reliable Kopa

Grill pizza oven Kopa is manufactured using carefully selected materials that offer a high rate of repeatability and reliability. Robot and laser technology guarantee the durability of the perfect combination of oven and grill. High-quality manufacturing ensured the steady interior radiation. That allows for the heat to distribute quickly and evenly. Innovative construction combined with controlled air movement and state-of-the-art quality insulation makes the pizza oven outdoor grill as sufficient as possible and reduces charcoal consumption by up to 50%.

Such innovative thinking also increased BBQ’s speed and efficiency. Preparing food is up to 40% faster, resulting in cheaper operating and energy costs. Understanding that barbecue pizza oven will be used in home kitchens and restaurants, engineers designed a unique system. Easy to operate system allows the user to open and close the door using only one finger. This remarkable system, combined with the insulation, prevents heating of the surrounding area and reduces burn risks.

grill pizza oven