Modular building systems are a budget friendly option

Modular building systems are getting more and more popular now a days. With its quick construction time and low costs of construction, they became one of the most used building systems in modern architecture. Material, mostly used in building modular constructions is stainless steel.
The definition of modular buildings is pretty simple; modular construction describes the use of factory-produced pre-engineered building units that are delivered to site and assembled as large volumetric components or as substantial elements of a building.
Modular building systems come with many different advantages. One of the biggest advantages is its low cost. Modular building systems are almost 50% cheaper than stick-built buildings. Also, building time is much shorter when we are talking about modular building systems.

Modular building construction materials


Off site construction is another advantage of modular building systems

One of the great advantages of modular building systems is that they can be built of site and then brought to the spot when the plot of land is ready for the building to be placed on. This is especially useful when there are electric or water installation missing and the land is just not suitable for starting the project. Once modular building system is brought to the spot it can be finished within just a few days. Furthermore, modular building systems can easily be moved around when there is a need to. So if you want to move to another location - no problem - modular building systems can be taken away with you and reused at the new location.
Because modular building systems are built in a factory, third party quality control is always present which ensures high quality of modular building systems and as a consequence long life span of the buildings.
Modular buildings construction materials are mostly metals. The most used one is stainless steel, which gives the building system durability and ensures long life span of the building.

The green nature of modular building systems

But not only are modular building systems budget-friendly and quick to assemble, they are also very ”green”. Modular building systems are constructed out of containers that are no longer in use. These containers would be burned if not used for modular building construction process. With destruction of containers tones of toxic gases would be produced and lots of energy would be wasted.

Modular building systems

A variety of different types of modular building systems made from high-quality materials

In REM we are offering different types of modular building systems. Our construction process of modular buildings is under constant quality control, thus modular building systems are made from best materials and build-in parts. As a consequence, life span of our modular buildings is long.
One can choose from a variety of modular buildings systems that are on offer. We are producing modular offices, modular storage containers and even modular homes. All of our modular building systems offer lots of space that can be used for many different activities. One can adapt the size of modular building systems to his own needs. In addition, we are not only offering modular offices and homes, there are also modular school buildings available in REM that are quickly built and very flexible. So, if there is a need to, modular school buildings can also be moved around.
Take a look at our web site and choose from a variety of modular building systems constructed from high quality materials and components. In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with additional information about modular buildings construction if needed.