What are the benefits of modular office units?

Modular buildings are sectional prefabricated modular units that are manufactured in a plant and then delivered to the customer in one or more complete modular sections. Due to the in-house production, third party quality control is almost always present, which leads to high-quality of modular office units. Also, poor environmental factors are not allowed to hinder the construction timeline.

Assembling modular office accommodation come with a variety of advantages:

  • Shorter Construction Time
  • Reduced Site Disruption
  • More Consistent Quality
  • Financial Savings
  • and Flexibility of Use

modular office accommodation

Why is the construction time of modular office units shorter?

Construction time of modular offices is much shorter than construction time of stick-built offices. This is due to the in-house production; bad weather conditions cannot prolong the construction time. Also, almost all parts of modular office units are manufactured by the company. When they are brought to the spot they can be assembled in a day or two.

Moreover, modular buildings, and with this also office units made from modulaes, are required to meet the same building codes and standards as traditional construction. When constructing prefabricated modular buildings units, highest standards are always followed as well as high-quality materials are used which prolongs the life span of offices and other prefabricated modular office buildings.

Lower construction costs and quicker constructing time

Modular buildings save money because of reduced labor and material cost savings. Off-site construction maximizes labor efforts and quality while minimizing material purchases and waste. Modular buildings give you great financial options; you can lease your portable building, purchase it outright, or select a lease-to-own plan or guaranteed buy-back option. Modular design and building techniques are an excellent solution to meet the needs of all types of industries to deliver state-of-the-art, cost effective services in a timely manner.

Office units made from modules can either be permanent or temporary. Durable, secure and relocatable nature makes prefabricated modular office buildings ideal for any kind of industry. Due to the quick assembling and reassembling, modular offices are easily transported to another location, so if there is a need to move your business elsewhere, this will not be a problem anymore. Prefabricated modular office unites can be transported to another location and then reassembled there. Also, transport of modular office units is associated with little expenses, which makes moving your business elsewhere even more cheap.

Additionally, office units made from modules are associated with lower building costs than traditionally built buildings, due to shorter construction time and standardized building process. Some say that costs of building office units can be up to 40% lower.

modular office units

Eco-friendly nature of modular office units

Last but not least, office units can also be eco-friendly. Modular office units are mass produced and follow standard specifications, which make it possible for them to be constructed quickly. Modular buildings are mass produced and follow standard specifications which make it possible for them to be constructed quickly. Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of modular buildings is that you can erect a building in a matter of a few days and take it down and move it to another location when you're done with it. In the long run, using the same modular building time and time again helps you save time, money, energy and resources, thus reducing consequent construction waste. Nevertheless, we also must not forget about the materials used in production of modular offices. Usually the materials used in modular construction are the same as regular constructions. However, an increasing number of companies are making use of sustainable materials to reduce their carbon footprint.

We can make modular office units even more energy efficient and nature friendly with installing energy-efficient windows and doors, using lower volatile organic compounds paints and stains, constructing green roof systems and using renewable renewable energy to power the building.

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