Prefabricated office buildings by REM

REM is an engineering company providing modern prefabricated office buildings for more demanding customers who want more than classic container building. Prefabricated office buildings we offer are made with different thickness of the outer walls isolation. Different colors of outer walls are possible and also additions of inner walls are possible to construct a place perfectly fitting your plans. Prefabricated office buildings by REM also offer different kinds of windows and doors to be installed and different possibilities of their location to choose from. Our prefabricated office buildings are a perfect place for your new office, being cheap and not taking much of space. Our prefabricated office buildings are minimalistic and practical.

Prefabricated office buildings REM
Prefabricated modular building systems

Prefabricated buildings are mostly used as offices, but we also have many orders for prefabricated modular building systems that are used for other purposes like commercial buildings and garages. Modular building systems by REM are popular for being quality, modern and practical. They are available at a much lower price than building a regular brick building and wooden house. Prefabricated buildings are more environmentally friendly and also flood -, hurricane - and earthquake-proof.

Stacking of containers one on another and also horizontally by adding one besides another is possible and it results in a modular building system, which can be used when more space is needed. Prefabrication of modular building systems by REM includes different outer walls isolation thickness and color, as well as inner walls positions and different types of windows and doors. Glass walls can be inserted when a customer is ordering a modular building system meant for a commercial building like a shop, saloon, hairdresser, etc. More inner walls can be inserted when a prefabricated modular building unit is meant to be a modular office building. Special sized doors are available for our prefabricated buildings that are going to be used as a garage.


prefabricated modular building systems Rem