Portable office container come with many different advantages and are thus more and more popular

Portable office containers are used more and more now a days because of the advantages they come with. First of all, portable offices containers can be built on low budget. Portable offices, are built out of containers and as a consequence portable office price is significantly lower than the price of stick-built space. But not only are portable office containers budget friendly, they are also built quicker than stick-built offices.


The eco-friendly nature of portable office containers and other modular buildings

Nevertheless, portable office containers are also very “green”. Building portable offices, portable office storages and other portable buildings out of used containers is eco-friendly. If containers of portable offices wouldn’t be used in building portable buildings they would be burned and as a consequence, tones of energy would be wasted and tones of toxic gasses would be produced that would poison our atmosphere. So instead of raising doubts about working in a portable office container or living in modular home, try to think of it as a major environmental improvement.

Portable office containers

Off-site construction ensures high quality of the portable office containers due to the firm quality control

Furthermore, just like other portable buildings, portable office containers as well as portable office storages can be built of site and then delivered to your land ready to move in. If the plot of land is not ready yet (for example if some installations are lacking) you can convert the portable office container at a local workshop and then deliver the finished portable container office to your plot of land. In addition, production of portable office containers in factory is under constant quality control, which is provided by third party. This will ensure high quality of portable office containers.
Another great advantage of modular office containers is that they can be moved. Although modular buildings are considered permanent structures, if necessary they can be unassembled and moved around. Several modular manufacturers will rent you modular buildings to help accommodate seasonal work force needs.
One must also not forget that many equipment can be incorporated in portable office containers. Things like office orientation, good ventilation, insulation and shading, plus add-ons like solar power and grey water systems, are easily incorporated in the design and building stages.

Different types of big and small portable office containers are available at REM

In REM we are producing different types of portable buildings. One can choose from portable office containers, portable office storages and other types of modular buildings. There are big and small portable office buildings available. But we are not only producing modular office containers. There are also portable office storages and warehouses available that are spacious and practical. Furthermore, we are also producing modular school buildings that can be placed in almost any environment and offer lots of space for many different activities.

Small portable office buildings

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