We create modular buildings for sale in different designs at low costs

We produce modular buildings for sale which are very cost efficient when compared to traditionally made facilities. They are made of prefabricated units which are assembled together in many different designs. Our units can be assembled into schools, business and public facilities, shops, workshops, restaurants, health care centers and many more if you combine accommodation and sanitary units. You can create traditional or modern modular building designs. Modular buildings for sale are created with assembling multiple individual modular accommodations and sanitary units of same or different sizes. Each individual unit is made of a steel structure with inserted facade panels. Facade panels are adjusted to dimensions of steel structure for best adaptability when they are repositioned to different positions within the ground plan. Facade can be made of different materials like impregnated wood or painted metal. Doors and windows are already installed in facade for quicker and easier assembly of units. Already installed doors and windows reduce overall building costs. Standard steel structure enables three-story buildings, we can reinforce the structure for higher loads. We offer great production flexibility for suiting client with different demands.

More on the sale of modular buildings read here:https://www.vsisi.co.uk/rem/modular-buildings-for-sale

Our clients can see finished modular buildings for sale with 3D modelling technology

Modular buildings for sale are manufactured according to local standards and regulations for this kind of constructions. We use special 3D modelling technology which offers best visual display of facilities to clients before they are actually made. All units are prefabricated in our factory and prepared for fast and easy assembly on construction site. Stage of unit's prefabrication depends on the type of transportation which clients choose. We can arrange low cost delivery of completely or partially assembled modular units with lorries and we can also arrange oversea delivery in shipping containers. Assembly of units into modular buildings on site is done by our team and it is done professionally and fast. Advantage of our modular buildings for sale is uncomplicated expansion or reduction of units. You can start to build your home with just few units and in time add additional units to expand living space. You can also reduce number of units whenever you want with low costs of disassembly.

modular buildings

All our modular buildings for sale are environment friendly because they can be recycled

Modular building materials which we use for manufacturing units for sale are environment friendly and can be recycled. Our products meet highest technical standards and comply with local legislations. Thermal insulation of modular units is custom made for environment in which facility will be used. Width of insulation of other elements like doors, windows, facade and roof is also adapted to climate conditions. Electrical installation is installed in units for sale and you can also choose all interior equipment like electric radiators, air conditioners, ventilators and other furniture. Our modular buildings for sale have to be placed on strengthened foundation and connected to power supply system and can be used immediately after assembly. Our production technology is advanced and it offers best results which guarantee high quality products.

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Accomodation units and sanitary units form low cost modular buildings for sale

We also produce low cost sanitary modular units with already installed sanitary equipment and plumbing installations. Our units for sale can be used immediately after they are connected to sewage and to water supply. Sanitary equipment which can be installed in units can be custom made out of different materials like ceramics, polyester or stainless metal. Internal walls in sanitary units are made from sheet metal which is galvanized or painted smooth. Flooring can be coated with PVC, dotted rubber or self-levelling single component which is advised for extreme conditions. In sanitary units for sale we install water heaters and water pumps if needed. Water pumps are installed for distribution of water from water tanks, in case there is no availability of water supply system.