What is a modular school and why is it more and more popular every day?

Modular schools and modular buildings, in general, are more and more popular type of architecture nowadays. It is due to their flexible structure, which is easy to move and to adapt to the new circumstances. Also, modular buildings are built off-site where third-party control is constantly provided. Many people ask themselves what modular school is. Modular school is a building built out of containers that are used for modular school classrooms, dining halls, and other school areas.

modular school

Modular schools come with many different advantages

Modular schools have many advantages. First of all, they are very flexible. Not only they can be moved around, they are also easy to rebuilt and make room for extra classrooms and other areas. Furthermore, modular schools are built in the factory, where third-party control is always provided and as a consequence quality of modular school design is hardly questioned. Due to the in-house building, modular buildings are brought on the spot almost finished, which gives the user time to prepare the spot for the actual building to come. In case of modular schools, this is a really big advantage due to the danger that is caused by building side. With modular school building, there will almost be no building side and children will be in no danger when running around the school building. When finished, a modular building will be brought to the spot where it will be assembled in a day or two.


Low costs and short construction time make modular schools even more appealing

In addition, costs of modular schools are also significantly lower than costs of stick-built schools. Some experts say that costs of building a modular building are more than 50% lower than costs of building a stick-built building. But not only that, also the construction time is much shorter when talking about modular buildings. So instead of wasting weeks or even months preparing a plot of land for the building, it will just take a few days. Never the less, we must not forget many advantages that design of modular school brings. Modular school design is modern and practical. Modules of an ordered building can be used as classrooms, dining halls, and even gyms. Modular school classroom sizes are adoptable. And if there is a need, the size of the modular school is easily changed by bringing a few more containers in.

modular school

The eco-friendly nature of modular schools also helps our nature

Last but not least, we must not forget about the green nature of modular buildings. Modular buildings are made out of containers that are no longer in use. Modular building containers that are nowadays used as a component of modular schools and other modular buildings were not so long ago destroyed by burning. In this process tones of toxic gasses were produces as well as much energy was wasted. With using those used containers as buildings, we are not only providing firm and flexible structures but also saving our planet. Furthermore, materials are reusable and recyclable. Installation and renovation is essentially dust-free, improving air quality. Additionally, it is also possible to incorporate environmentally friendly features directly in your space, including safer and natural building materials, and more energy-efficient operations overall. In case of any further questions about modular schools or any other type of product we prepared for you, please visit our website or contact us via phone or e-mail. We will be happy to provide additional information about the product you are interested in.