Modular school buildings adapt to various numbers and conditions

Modular school buildings are made from modular units as produced by REM. REM is a growing company with increasing market shares in the production of pre-fabricated modular units for various purposes. Modular school buildings are just one of the facilities that are increasingly being built from modular units, consisting of steel structures and panels. Standard-sized and – equipped units come with in-built sanitation equipment and electrical appliances. Upgrades are possible and several units can be joined to build bigger complexes. All our modular school buildings are characterized by high energy-efficiency and natural materials, while we place important accents on sustainability and user-friendliness.

Modular school

Modular school classrooms can provide schooling facilities quickly and regularly

Modular school classrooms can be a first contact with schooling for children in developing countries, which have not been included into education before. They provide simple and standardized solution for building facilities in war-torn or crisis areas, refugee camps or temporary dwellings. Health and safety standards, comparable to those achieved by traditional construction types, are a guarantee that the education process is secure and protected, thereby allowing for encouraging and creative results. It is modular school buildings that can be adapted to host new technologies easily. Because of the ongoing trend in training related applications, more apps and digital tools are used in modular school classrooms. With new tools and approaches, teachers can try to motivate students by means of new software programs and various applications to ensure more creative, inclusive and independent learning. What is more, some time ago school students were restricted to work areas arranged in flawless lines. Today, classrooms have adaptable seating with choices, for example, among bean sacks, small couches, mats and floor coverings, and tables with seats. This is important because flexible seating plans enable youngsters to sit where they feel at their best and to move and change seating dependent on a given project or action. They can talk more and exchange, in addition to feeling more connected to a network or a group of their peers.

Modular buildings manufacturers are increasingly building modular kindergartens

Modular kindergartens are another facility, increasingly popular with modular buildings manufacturers and authorities at different governance levels. With more educators using innovation in the classroom and in schools, spatial dimension is gaining ground and modular facilities are preferred. Even in pre-school education, digital and technological dimensions are important and it is much easier to integrate technological advances into modular buildings. Digitalized education may include and transform simple or monotonous assignments, for example, making classroom introductions. It can also transform increasingly the less habitual, collective work, for example, video cuts of projects or internet posting of more complex topical presentations. Overall, the modular and more variable styled buildings, like modular constructions, can allow for more space and flexibility on hosting digital tools and structures, which can lead to more innovation and creativity during the education process.

Modular kindergarden

Green modular school buildings encourage more inclusive teaching

In education the trends are pointing towards green modular school buildings and including as many different groups and levels as possible to encourage diversity and acceptance. Now, new applications are making it easier for classroom teachers to be both creative and intuitive. This is reinforced by different web applications and tools, from intelligent whiteboards to new applications that make tests and exercises. New innovations have been an aid for teachers looking to work together and find new approaches in education. Progressions in innovation should keep a focus on cooperative learning, while enhancing dynamic teaching approaches. Communities are becoming more diverse and modular buildings with their open spaces and upgradeable facilities can be a mosaic of the various groups and stakeholders in society. Together with new technologies, modern teaching approaches and the flexibility of the prefabricated building models, these facilities could be the future of education for many children across the world. REM as one of the primary producers of modular buildings in this part of Europe is proving that with the positive and customer-oriented attitude growth is possible and customer base is increasing. All our clients have trusted us due to our personalized working methods. We believe that your needs are primordial and will do everything in our power to give you a customized offer. Contact us by phone, email or in person and we will be happy to provide a personalized quote.