Modular school building - the ultimate facility for modern education

Modular school is the best option when you have to solve the problem of overcrowded, worn-out classrooms. The number of students at the start of a new school year exceeded the limits? There are new arrivals at the beginning of a new mid-term, which you simply cannot accommodate in your present classroom capacity? Modular school design is the answer to these and many other school accommodation issues, and the quality available in such a construction will make you not regret your call for many years to come. While they can be primarily considered an emergency solution, they are capable of providing much more - and with today`s possibilities design-wise, it`s a perfect moment to try it your own.

Modular school buildings

Why choose modular school over traditional, solid school construction?

When you need greater room for school purposes, the most logical answer would probably be to lease some more square meters. Or is it not so? Leasing or buying new property can be quite a cost, creating higher monthly expanses and lower profit. On the other hand, rebuilding the school can be a difficult task, with possible problems occurring in the areas of permits, regulations, safety issues and time necessary to complete it. When deciding for modular school, there is minimum risk - the whole construction process is conducted off-site, which results in better safety of the students and less school calendar interruptions. Finally, you have the benefit of a cost-alternative solution to solid construction, which can double the expanse of a prefab product.

Can modular school buildings be used as a permanent solution?

Since digital technology is used in prefab production, you can expect higher value in all types of prefab buildings. There are many reasons why more institutions choose modular objects as their primary accommodation: the ease of regular maintenance, lower energy consumption, greater flexibility and the convenience of having multi-purpose modular rooms, to name a few. The same goes with modular schools. Because modular school`s design is fairly uncomplicated, there is significantly less danger of architectural deterioration. Most modular school classrooms are minimalistic and made of sustainable materials, which is why they can last even longer than a conventional classroom, which in turn requires much more attention when it comes to maintenance.

Modular school classrooms REM

Green modular school classrooms are ecologically sustainable

Green modular architecture, sometimes known as eco prefab, is a highly developing trend in prefab business. Although modern modular objects show great functionality per se, green energy efficient buildings are step forward in this regard. Rather then requiring massive adaptations, they can smoothly blend in with the existing parameters of the location with minimum change whatsoever. Organic materials used in the construction are not only worth for their durability; they also provide comfortable and safe class attendance. Green modular school classrooms are designed with better indoor air and light quality in mind, feturing advanced acoustic and thermic properties which result in healty, user-friendly environment.

Choose REM for contemporary modular school rooms at the best prices

We are a leading European prefab manufacturer, who constantly increases its market and improves its supply of fast-build modular architectural solutions. We like to combine contemporary prefab design with traditional architectural elements to make outstanding results in safety, commodity, appearance and overall quality of our products. We are able to provide you with modular school rooms and classrooms of all shapes, forms and sizes in a matter of weeks or even days, depending on the project. Our modular schools are made according to all European building standards at a very competitive price. We are welcoming you to make inquires about our product line or to contact us if you have a specific project in mind - we`ll gladly transform your ideal modular object into reality.