Container office buildings are changing the construction sector

While more companies are opting for container office buildings in order to adapt to the variable demands of the market, the industry of modular building construction is able to offer more and more. Container office buildings are no longer disadvantaged as compared to the traditionally constructed offices. High energy-efficiency standards and resource effectiveness, together with reusable materials and natural designs have led to growing consumer trust and market shares. All this, together with the speed of delivery and the ease of planning with standardized dimensions have led to an increase in production of container office buildings in recent years, like we haven't seen before. Technological advances and innovation research in materials have brought about improvements in production, which have resulted in better, more sustainable and cost-efficient results. Today's modular buildings are a rapidly growing niche which is in high increase.

REM is a specialist in production of container offices, for sale worldwide

Once a family enterprise, REM is now a fast growing producer of container offices, for sale in its home country Slovenia and beyond. The company has kept its familiar face and personal touch, and strives to deliver the best container office buildings in the market, which can be adapted to individual customer's needs. The container offices, for sale in standard dimensions and with predefined equipment in terms of design and appliances, come with the possibility of customization and adaptability. They are made according to modern building standards and made from reusable materials. Our container offices for sale online as well, can be easily transported anywhere in the world and assembled in all weather conditions, even in the hardest climate and in extreme circumstances. Our products can be shipped in containers and include steel structures with standard-sized panels. The dimensions and characteristics of our products are pre-defined and in this way the planning of your resources is much easier than in other circumstances. Interior design and electrical appliances are standardized, sanitary installations foreseen. All these traits can be customized, if need may be. Our customer-driven approach allows for personalization.

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Choose among mobile office containers of different standard sizes

Mobile office containers have evolved from being a temporary and provisional solution to office needs to ensuring equal standards of quality and efficiency as compared to traditional construction. With the changes in labour force and increasing needs to flexibly react to various circumstances, businesses and authorities are looking for adaptable solutions. Portable office containersanswer the needs for a safe and comfortable working environment, while assuring the added value of predictable assembly and cost-planning. The container office buildings from REM can be dismantled and transported to other locations, where they can be deployed and reused again and again. The predictability of resource planning, together with the time and space prediction, is a big advantage in comparison to other methods. Especially when faced with unexpected events, crises or a lack of time for planning and acting, stakeholders in business, governance and elsewhere will appreciate it.

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Visit the web offer of the biggest container office manufacturer in this part of Europe

REM as the fastest growing container office manufacturer in Central Europe is a common name in this sector across the continent. Our experience dates back in decades, and is complemented by our extensive knowledge in the field, as proven by our many standards and certificates. REM employees regularly take part in trainings and work experiences abroad, where they are working hand in hand with the leaders of development in this sector. Innovation is one of our signature traits. Believing in the power of successful teams where each individual player can develop their own expertize, we encourage our experts to contribute their ideas to our working processes. In this way, the production lines for our portable office containers are kept updated and in line with the most modern technology standards in this industry branch. We invite you to visit our website and see the vast array of uses of our products. From industry, business and governance use to private and public goals, we always assure the right solution for your needs. Our experts are at your disposal and will propose the optimal addressing of your specific issue. Contact us for a customized offer by phone, email or in person, we will be happy to answer all your questions.