Modular kindergartens enable greater safety and easy remodeling

Modular kindergartens are a flexible spaces providing more architectural fluidity, while keeping the sense of form and function kindergartens are meant to provide. Modular buildings have greatly gained in popularity recently, since there is much more awareness (and progress) in the matter of what modular objects are capable of. Kindergarten modular architecture is no exeption - it has become one of the staples of creative design. Modular kindergartens usually tend to be playful, functional units, built to match high standards in overall safety. They are generally made of light construction modules, which can be easily remodelled if necessary.

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What are the basic features of modular kindergarten buildings?

As with modular buildings, kindergartens built in this fashion are built around separate modules, which are inter-connected in the final construction phase to get a fully functional, integrated assembly. Many of them are built like a modular building with flat roof for simplicity of the maintenance. They usually feature a corridor, entrance hall, sanitation and administrative facilities. Building off-site is of particular value to the children safety if there is a need for extending the existing capacity. If your modular kindergarten becomes too small due to a large number of attendants, you can simply add an extension later with minimum cost.

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Our modular kindergartens are designed for non-disrupted, but safe children activity. All of the technical demands of modular building construction are matched with even greater respect to the quality of modular building materials. The interiors respond to the image of the overall building, and systems are designed to blend with the environment. Each and every basic container unit is submerged to multiple tests to ensure the flawless quality of the construction. In our range of modular kindergartens, wood decking in the premises kindergarten is included as basic equipment, and we have the option of custom-designed terraces for more fun and game outdoors.

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