The definition of modular construction and the costs of building a modular construction system

The definition of modular construction is quite simple. The definition of modular construction describes the use of factory-produced pre-engineered building units that are delivered to site and assembled as large volumetric components or as substantial elements of a building.

Modular construction definition


Modular construction systems are eco-friendly by their definition

Modular construction is eco-friendly by its definition. Modular construction systems are made from containers that are no longer in use. So instead of destroying them and burning tones of energy and toxic gases into the atmosphere, we decided to re-use them and transform them to modular construction buildings that can be used as homes, offices, storages and even schools.
Modular construction materials are durable and long lasting. Modular constriction buildings are by definition not only quick to build but also very flexible. Due to their flexible nature, they can be moved around. So, if there is a need to move modular construction to another place, there is no problem transporting modular buildings from one place to another. Also, the destruction of modular building is much easier and quicker than the destruction of stick-built building.

The budget-friendly nature of modular construction buildings

Modular construction costs are approximately 50% lower than the costs of building stick-built building. But not only that, also time of building is much shorter. Furthermore, modular construction buildings are fabricated in a factory, where there is constant and firm quality control provided. Because modular construction systems are built of site, you can have the plot of land ready before the building arrives to the spot. Once on the spot, modular construction building can be assembled in a day or two. Because modular homes are built in a factory and delivered to site ready to go, the amount of waste and site disruption is also greatly reduced, making modular a more sustainable option than site built.
The definition of modular construction doesn’t tell everything - there can be many features added to modular buildings. In modular constructions passive features such as house orientation, good ventilation, insulation and shading, plus add-ons like solar power and grey water systems, are easily incorporated in the design and building stages.

Different types of modular construction buildings are available in REM

In REM, we are producing different types of modular construction systems. There are modular offices available that offer lots of space for the employees. Also, there are modular storages and warehouses on our offer. Furthermore, we are also producing modular construction homes, built from the best materials. Modular construction home offers lots of cozy space that ensure luxurious and gracious living. In addition, there are also modular school systems available that offer lots of space for different activities that students can attend.
Every modular building produced by REM is made from high-quality materials that ensure long life span of the buildings. Modular construction costs are competitive and the design of buildings is modern and practical.

Modular construction system

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