Green modular school buildings are the future

Green modular school buildings are a practical way to ensure enough space for educational activities, however at REM we also sell modular office units, modular apartment buildings, sanitary portable cabins etc. Modular school design is changing people’s perception about modular (school) construction. We’re not talking about old container boxes, placed somewhere on a lawn in order to spoil our view. REM temporary or permanent modular school buildings are not only functional, practical and quick to install, they are also an eyeful. We’re using cutting edge technology and modern design to construct green modular school buildings, which students are proud to be a part of.

Green modular school buildings

Comfortable and practical permanent modular school buildings

The popularity of permanent modular school buildings is growing due to tight budgets, increased number of students and need for extra space. Modular school rooms are a solution, which is economical, efficient, safe and interesting for students. Green modular school buildings represent a dynamic environment, where learning never becomes dull. Permanent modular school buildings guarantee comfortable modular school rooms for everybody and adding extra space is simple.
Other reasons for choosing modular school rooms

Still need more reasons why you should choose green modular school buildings?

  • Modular school rooms are build faster.
  • The costs for modular school construction are much lower than for regular construction.
  • Green modular school buildings are healthier - they offer an abundance of natural light and fresh air; the whole modular school construction can be equipped with passive solar design and creates a much more comfortable environment.
  • Modular school design is aesthetically pleasing and inspires creativity and learning.
  • Green modular school buildings are also perfect solution for students housing. Building a brick dormitory is expensive and takes a lot of time, but not if you choose our modular units. The solution is quick, safe, environmentally and economically friendly - and interesting.