Modular school design delivers room for any number of students

Modular school is a functional, cost-effective building, which gives students the possibility to be more concentrated on studying that on outside conditions and to feel comfortable in the classroom. Modular school design is usually associated with large groups of students, which cannot be accommodated in school units provided in the local area - therefore there is a need for greater capacity. Sometimes the number of new arrivals exceeds the limits of permanent school structures, which is why modular schools are often intended to be emergency solutions, providing above all spacious modular school rooms, which are prefabricated in a fast-build construction process.

Some of the benefits of using prefab modular schools as main objects

Many new-founded schools rely on modular school design exclusively, and its quality can allow modular schools to be used on a permanent basis. Given the fact that they are energy efficient buildings, creating very low waste and have a low carbon imprint, a quality prefab modular school is a much better solution for student accommodation that a conventional building, which demands intensive maintenance and can require more frequent repairs due to the aging of the building. Green modular school design is especially successful at resolving these issues, and provides safe, comfortable and ecologically sustainable modular schools framework, which matches the needs of student groups instead of requiring vice-versa adaptation to the existing capacity.

Modular school buildings

Modular school design buildings

What are the regular features of our modular school buildings?

Modular schools we produce are usually made of inter-connected classrooms, which are divided by hallways and usually feature one multi-purpose modular room. Sanitation and storage spaces are pre-arranged, and additional rooms can be added in the fabrication process. Our modular school design provides bright and modern spaces that guarantee maximum safety. Easy access is provided in all parts of the object, and the rooms are optimally usable. We particularly take care of isolation properties for better noise reduction and moisture control for the ultimate staff and student satisfaction, which results in better studying process.