Modular office units are building units which can be assembled into various modular office buildings. Modular office buildings can be small structures, containing one or very few basic modular office units, or they can be much bigger multi-story buildings, consisting of many different office spaces. One of the advantages of such construction technique is its flexible design. There are a few basic modular office units which can be combined in many different ways, which are the most suited to the needs of the customer. And because the whole buildings are assembled from a few basic designs, the whole manufacturing process can easily be streamlined. This results in a fast delivery date as well as in an inexpensive, yet creative solution to the requirement for more office space.

prefabricated modular building units

Modular office units are made from prefabricated modular building units

Modular office units are the essential parts of all modular office buildings which are for sale. They are prefabricated modular building units which are manufactured in factories and as such transported to construction sites for assembly. Because the manufacturing is done in a controlled environment, the end results are less likely to be flawed. Such production is also very quick since the parts are modular units which are repeated through the design of modular office units. Entirely prefabricated modular office buildings are consequently easily assembled on site by a relatively small construction crew.

Permanent prefabricated modular office buildings

Companies which encounter steady growth reach a point in their development when more office space is needed. While it is possible to reorganize and maximally use the existing offices, this usually fails to solve the problem in the long term. One of the solutions might be a new office building, especially if the company already has access to an unused piece of property, such as a parking lot or an unused yard. A prefabricated modular office building is finished in a relatively short time compared to conventional construction, requiring only a good foundation base and access to power and water supplies.

Prefabricated modular office buildings can be assembled as an extension of an already existing office building or as a self-standing building. Its modular office units can be equipped with facades which visually complement the existing building, making it practically impossible to distinguish between the two.

Modular office units

Temporary modular office buildings

When the need for more office space is time limited, such as in specific work projects with a definite deadline, and there is need for quality office space on site, permanent office buildings are not the most sensible solution. Temporary modular office buildings provide just as much comfort as permanent versions, however, they can be easily disassembled and reused for a different project and in a different location. Because temporary modular office buildings are designed to be reassembled many times, they are also designed to be easy to transport between different sites. In this way the costs of transport are kept to a minimum. Such prefabricated modular office buildings are frequently used in the construction industry, for research purposes, and as parts of military bases. They can, however, also be used seasonally, if the company is involved in business which is focused around different seasons or major holidays.

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Modular office buildings for sale

There are many modular office buildings for sale which can be used to accommodate various needs. Prefabricated modular building units can be assembled into temporary or more permanent buildings which efficiently solve the need for more office space. In both cases, the process of prefabrication ensures the end result will be a high quality office space. This is not only because the manufacturing is done in better, weather-proof conditions. It is also because the materials used for modular office units provide good insulation and help maintain a healthy climate in the offices. The materials used are also fire resistant and offer good protection in case of earthquakes. Additionally, modular office buildings for sale are completely recyclable, having minimal negative effect on the environment. Such green construction appeals to many investors who are environmentally conscious. One of those are also governments which fund bigger public projects which have to be sustainable and overall environmentally friendly, both of which prefabricated modular office buildings are.