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Living containers for sale are meant for office or for sanitary use

Living containers that we produce are one of the best in Europe. We divide our living containers for sale in two groups. First group of our living containers for sale are office containers and second group are sanitary containers. Living containers for sale can be fitted with any kind of equipment you want. Living containers for sale offer you different options of external colour, different sizes, choices of inside and outside lining, choice of different doors and windows, different sanitary equipment of living containers for sale and different installations. We can also upgrade living containers for sale with air conditioning units, ventilation and heating systems. Living containers for sale can also be modified on the inside. Interior can be divided with separation walls to create different spaces. Although we produce seven different sizes of living containers for sale, we can make living containers according to your demanding.

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Living containers for sale are very safe and low maintenance

Living in containers is cheaper and safer than living in classical built house. They are made of steel which is very strong and durable material. They are also resistant to all weather conditions, to earthquakes and to fires. Maintenance of living containers is minimal. If you decide to install good insolation, heating and cooling expenses are very low.

living containers for sale

Mobile living containers are easy to relocate to different location

Living containers for sale are mobile. They can be relocated whenever you want. Relocation of living container for sale is easy and quick. They are safe investment for which you can change locations according to your wishes. Modular living containers are meant to be assembled to create a modular building with complete functionality. Modular buildings are used for schools, offices, hotels, sales offices and exposition salons and much more. They are very versatile.