Modular office building – comfort and efficient spatial management

Modular office buildings often tend to be regarded as rather unattractive, lifeless or plain. The pre-conceived notion remains quite rooted in people’s minds even to this day. Nevertheless, modular office buildings have always played a large role in industrial work environments and the situation does not seem to have changed much in the last decade. Their outer appearance and comfort level have changed significantly, though. With constant and gradual work for dedicated companies, modular office buildings for sale right now appear bright, colourful and dynamic. Modern technology mixed with stylish design has allowed for a more attractive and comfortable modular work environment. REM is one of the companies pushing modular office design forward. Situated in Slovenia, they have expanded and currently supply prefabricated modular office buildings for large international companies across Europe.   

Temporary modular office buildings

Modular office buildings for sale are constantly improving

Slovenia’s leading manufacturer of modular construction systems is currently undergoing further advancement to ensure their work remains top-notch. Their work is personalized for each separate customer. When constructing large-scale buildings, which are meant to house or serve several dozens or hundreds of people, it is necessary to be able to relly on a dedicated, detail-oriented firm. The design team at REM tries to please each customer to the best of their abilities. Different customers may require different technical equipment, different layouts or different cubicle designs.  Close communication with the client is essential to maximize success and ensure optimal solutions.

Small modular office buildings with a high level of comfort

In this day and age, it is becoming vital to ensure environment-friendly and sustainable work practices. Simultaneously, businesses require efficent, yet cost-effective solutions. REM aims to construct modular office buildings for sale, which are both energy-efficient and user-friendly. A small budget, short time frame and limited spatial options may prove to be difficult to navigate. Nonetheless, it still remains absolutely necessary that the office work environment remain friendly. Comfort may be hard to achieve in small modular office buildings. The confined space can get extremely claustrophobic, if the spatial design works poorly. A level of comfort that is both natural and functional was achieved through years of trial and error. With the right colour combination, proper lighting – preferably at least some form of natural light – and deceptively constructed cubicles, the human eye may be tricked into believing the space is larger than it is in reality.  

Prefabricated modular office buildings – faster and cost-effective

Prefabricated modular office buildings are more efficient in applying sustainable development principles. The material needed is constructed off-site in a controlled industrial environment. The risk of potential work-related accidents or human error is greatly diminished. The process is safer for the workers. The prefabricated elements are then brought to the work site, where they are pieced together. Having prefabricated elements ensures the process is relatively smooth and much quicker. The construction may take months less than the typical building process, which uses concrete or bricks. The shorter construction period also ensures the likelihood of bad weather is much lower.

Prefabricated modular office buildings

Temporary modular office buildings – portable work environments

Certain work environments are only temporary. For such cases, constructing completely new work buildings from scratch is simply too costly. Building sites, excavations, rural soil studies or similar instances all require functional offices that offer at least some level of comfort and security. Portable cabins are often used for such situations. These temporary modular office buildings can differ greatly. The simpler designs are not much more than closed spaces with certain fitted office equipment. In other cases, the temporary modular office buildings may serve like any other fully-functioning building. They may be fitted with kitchen supplies, toilets or showers. They may have completely functioning heating systems and may be sound-proof, which is incredibly important for portable offices located near construction zones. Alarm systems may be put into place, as well as motion sensors.

Temporary buildings typically remain very compact. It is always convenient if the portable cabin can be lifted onto a transport vehicle and moved to another location, with little effort or difficulty. Larger temporary modular constructions do exist. They are designed to function perfectly while stationed in place. They must, however, allow quick and moderately easy de-construction. It is preferable that the buildings look completely functional on the outside. There should not be visible markings separating different prefabricated pieces.