Off-site building and quick construction time brings lower building costs

Modular office space is more and more requested worldwide. Modular office space comes with many advantages. First of all, modular office systems are built off-site, usually in the factory. This means that constant quality control is provided throughout the process of building and as a consequence, the quality of modular office space is hardly questioned. Nevertheless, this is not the only advantages that off-site building brings. If the plot of land where you would like your office to be built is not ready yet (for example - there can be electrical or water installation missing) you have plenty of time to prepare the piece of land for the arrival of the office to come. When on spot, a modular office can be assembled within a few days.

modular office

Short construction time and competitive prices of modular office space in REM

When building an office, time and cost of the building process play the crucial part in choosing the right bidder. Construction time of modular office is much shorter than construction time of stick-built offices. But not only that, also prices of modular offices are significantly lower. Additionally, modular office space is also very flexible. So, if you would like to move your modular office space to the other location there is no problem, modular office systems are easily moved around. Furthermore, if you no longer need the office it is easy destructed.


The eco-friendly nature of modular office systems ensure the “green” living space

Modular offices are also very eco-friendly. The building blocks of modular offices space are containers that are no longer in use. This way we save energy that would otherwise be spent on melting these containers. Furthermore, we also eliminate all the toxic gasses that would be produced by the melting process. But not only that, also materials are reusable and recyclable. In addition, installation and renovation is essentially dust-free, which also improves air quality. Furthermore, you can also incorporate environmentally friendly features directly in your space, including safer and natural building materials, and more energy-efficient operations overall. Space itself is also a sustainable entity, composed of durable materials for longevity, and eliminating unneeded waste at each phase–from construction to reconfiguration.

modular office

There are different modular buildings available in our programme

There are not only modular office systems available at REM. We are also providing a modular office with storages. Modular office with storages offers additional space for storing items. Working in modular office space can be just as cozy and luxurious as working in a stick-built office. Furthermore, modular office space is easily and quickly adapted to the needs of the business. Are you hiring and need a bigger office? This problem is easily solved with modular office systems that can be rebuilt and modified.

Are there additional questions about modular systems popping up? - We are here to help!

Are you looking for some additional answers? Visit our website where you can find more information about modular office prices as well as many information about modular buildings we prepared for you. There are not only modular office systems available but also other modular buildings; such as modular schools, modular warehouses. In case of any further question about modular offices or any other type of product, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail. We will be happy to provide additional information about our products