Modular school classrooms will relief the overcrowding stress

Modular school

Modular school is a great solution when you have an urgent need for that extra classroom space. A number of new students have arrived on the beginning of a new school year? The school object is full in its capacity? Such problems can be prevailed quickly and with no great costs with the addition of a modular school building, which will genuinely help the school board in class organization. Modular school buildings include two or more modular school classrooms, which are divided by a partition wall and also have basic sanitation points, storages, washrooms and other facilities. With a modular school object a higher number of pupils and students can attain classes with no danger of school overcrowding.

We offer safe, modern and affordable modular school buildings for sale

Modular school is a prefab product, made in the same fashion as portable modular buildings for other working purposes. This will greatly affect the preparation of school year, as there is no need for construction work on-site. Portable modular buildings also offer the convenience of mobile workspace, which means that you can move and rearrange it according to your needs. With modular schools we paid particular attention to safety issues, such as quick access stairs, spacious entrances and a traditionally pitched roof. And last, but not the least, our modular school buildings provide all the necessary comfort at affordable prices.

So what would be a mid-sized modular school building`s cost?

A typical modular school has only got a ground floor, but the dimension can differ both in the width of the object and the height or number of floors. Modular school buildings tend to cost a little less than an industrial object of the same type. We offer modular schools in three different sizes, the smallest one being a handy solution if you need a temporary object for class attendance. Our medium sized modular school buildings cost around 50,000 € with VAT included - these objects should serve you as additional classroom building even on a long term basis.

Modular buildings