Modular office units provide comfortable temporary accommodation

Modular buildings

Modular office units are a great solution when you have to arrange some work in surroundings with no infrastructure, and you have to do it quick. Because of the simplicity of modular prefab office buildings, you can organize your field work affordably and with no fuss - you can always have full control of the working process. Modular office building prices are another reason for you to decide to go on-set: this is much cheaper than building or even renting a permanently situated building. Cost of modular office units will naturally depend on the size: if need merely a temporary accommodation, you can get a modular office building at a reasonable price.

We have the best modular office building prices for all sizes

Modular office units are designed both for small, check point offices, and higher intensity working areas, which require large prefabricated buildings. Modular office units can also be linked together to create an office block station. For a smaller office, you can use stacks of small portable cabins, which is a cheap and easily mobile option. If you need a classroom-like modular office building, prices for these models range from 10 to 20 000 € depending on the exact measures and sanitation features. Prefab modular office building for industries are available from 20 € per square foot, which is probably the best price anywhere.

Modular office units

Modular office container - a cheap-yet-modern designed mobile office

Modular office container is most affordable of all modular office units, and also the easiest one to transport. It can be delivered to the destination with a big trail, and it is easily moved up and down the object with a crane. It is very hard-beating, meaning that the frequent transportation will do it no harm. It is also possible to make modular office units out of containers: they can be connected into cells, creating a building with several floors. This way you can get a basic modular office building, which is priced very reasonably and is durable to outside conditions.