The construction industry is a very conservative industry, which does not embrace change with open arms. Despite that we are recently witnessing some exciting developments in it. One of the changes is the increased use of modern technology in designing, developing and constructing new buildings. But even more obvious is the gradual shift towards modular building systems. Modular buildings manufacturers are steadily increasing their presence in the construction industry, gaining support from the governments in big, publicly funded projects, as well as in individual projects in the private sector. However, one of the most obvious areas where modular building systems are more and more prevalent, is the construction of modular office accommodation.

The basic principles of modular building systems and their manufacturers

Modular buildings manufacturers follow a set of very straightforward rules: manufacture as much as possible ahead of time, use sustainable materials with good characteristics, and assemble modular building systems in the most efficient and speedy manner. Because the whole procedure is streamlined, it is energy efficient, does not require as much labor as other types of construction, consequently the end result is a much more affordable, yet high quality building. The whole procedure is as environmentally friendly as it can be: materials used for modular buildings are recyclable and there is very little waste due to the controlled environment where individual units are manufactured.

Modular building

All the requirements of a modern modular office accommodation

A modern modular office building is one of the most sought after commercial types of buildings. After big open plan cubicle offices were found to be less than ideal work places, modular office systems started to become increasingly important as an example of friendly office solutions. Modular office systems are very flexible in floor plan and can achieve full modular office accommodation: from smaller, one person offices to much bigger conference rooms. Modular office systems are versatile enough to fulfill any requirements about size and distribution of offices. In this way bright and well-designed offices accommodate any particular work flow, specific for a certain organization.

Modular office building can be an efficient temporary solution

A modular office, which accommodates all the needs of a high quality office space, can be constructed as a temporary structure which is easily assembled, yet also disassembled and reassembled in a different location. Such modular office systems are particularly valuable for project work in remote areas because they can be easily transported and reused. As a matter of fact, portable modular office buildings are popular in all instances where office space is required for a limited period of time, and also in places where there are no other available options. This can be in remote places, but as well as on bigger construction sites, in marinas or places of seasonal work.

Modular office

Modular office system as a permanent solution for office space

Modular building systems are used for construction of permanent office buildings as well. In the past, modular structures were quite primitive if compared to the present day modular solutions. The difference is not only in the use of materials but also in the perfected construction procedures, as well as modern design. The overall technology of modular building systems is so advanced nowadays, that it is almost impossible to distinguish a modular office building from a brick-and-mortar one. What can be noticed, however, is the speedy construction of a modular office buildings and the general high quality of such buildings. These buildings have good insulation and require very little energy to sustain them. Natural building materials, used by modular buildings manufacturers, provide a pleasant and healthy working environment, which is also safe: modular buildings are resistant to fire and perform well during earthquakes. On top of all that, the materials themselves are recyclable which reduces the impact of such construction methods on the environment.

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Why not choose modular office systems?

A modular office building is the ideal solution to any company which is experiencing an increased workload which requires more space for additional office workers. A modular office can take advantage of an unused plot of land or parking lot, transforming it into a much needed office space in a very short time. It is affordable, yet it provides all amenities of a good office space.