Prefab office buildings for cost-effective and quick installation

Prefab office buildings are becoming more and more popular in different industries and businesses. The modern prefabricated modular building systems enable quick installation wherever you like and can easily be adjusted or repurposed in the future. The versatility of the prefab office buildings is almost endless. They can be used as prefabricated modular commercial buildings like warehouses, retail or shopping malls, asprefab garage buildingsor as temporary or permanent prefabricated modular office buildings for any business. What’s more - they are much cheaper than the traditional constructions.

Prefab office buildings by Rem
Why choose modern prefabricated modular building systems?

Modern prefabricated modular building systems can be aesthetically very appealing and offer numerous laying and design options. You can decide for our floor plans or made your own. The installation of prefab office building is quick - the container buildings are stacked together almost like Lego blocks from the individual and already made elements. However, there are many other characteristics which speak in favour of prefabricated modular business building systems:

  • the costs of prefab office buildings are not nearly as high as the costs of the traditional “brick and cement” structures,
  • office modular buildings leave minimal material waste,
  • all the electrical and plumbing is installed on site,
  • prefab office buildings can be built outside (on construction sites or elsewhere) or inside - in a warehouse or another building. The benefit of that is, that you can make an office space safer if your business is conducted in hazardous environment, like construction site etc.,
  • prefab office buildings can be installed on the ground or in mezzanines - to get better visibility,
  • shipping container office building can be expanded to suit your needs: if you need more space, you can easily add more individual containers to your pre-existing structure,
  • prefab office buildings can be moved or repurposed in the future with minimal costs and hassle.

prefabricated modular building systems
Other uses of REM containers

REM offers a fully customized and cheap solutions for everybody. We are a reliable partner with customers all over Europe. Our prefabricated modular building systems are of high quality and can be used in numerous ways: as prefab office buildings or other prefabricated modular commercial buildings, garages, they can be used as living containers for individuals and families and as mobile homes for holidays. Check our webpage and brochures for more information or contact our friendly staff. We are sure that together we will find solution for any need.