Modular building systems offer comfortable working environments

Modular building systems are based on prefabricated modular elements. These are premade in a controlled industrial environment, which prevents potential hazardous work conditions or accidents. The work process mostly occurs within closed walls. Only the last part, the construction, is executed on the building site, which must be properly stabilised beforehand. Once the different prefabricated building elements arrive on the site, the construction by itself only takes a few days or weeks depening on the size and complexity of the project. The incredible speed of the construction process ensures the working team is able to avoid unpredictable bad weather conditions in most cases.

 In standard constructions, inclement weather can cause severe delays and may even prove to be potential harmful both to the working team and the building equipment. Modular office system avoid potential risk by eliminating the long and ardous building process. REM is a modular office manufacturer, situated in Slovenia, which is known for their quick and efficient work process. The business has steadily grown over years. Today, it is known for its high quality projects, which are exported across Europe and have received several international certificates of excellency. 

Modular office systems

Modular office systems may be dismantled and completely recycled

The building material itself may be re-used. Once the modular offices outgrow their usefulness, their design allows them to be completely reconstructed and the separate pieces recycled. REM’s continued work for the environment is noticeable in all their designs. According to the client’s wishes the material may be customized. The size of the project and its specific features are freely decided by the potential client, as long as they remain in the realm of possibility. Specific spatial requirements influence the planning process – it is vital to understand the client’s wishes and thoughts before construction begins. The material is prefabricated, for that reason, unfortunately, once the modular building elements arrive on-site, nothing can be changed drastically. A mistake or realization at this point in the construction process would force it to a halt, as the working team waits several months for the new piece to arrive.      

Prefabricated modular building systems manufactured in different sizes

Prefabricated modular buildings are primarily used for commercial, industrial and public installations. The identical design and mass export allows for very quick construction and equal standing between the different modular offices, which can be replicated to infinity. This provides work environments for very large numbers of people simultaneously. The prefabricated modular building system is known for office buildings. Other similar facilities that employ the same construction system are schools, workshops, health care centres, administrative units and other public institutions. Because of the cost-effectiveness of the modular building system, it is used extensively in every sector, except in private homes construction. Yet even in the private sector, prefabricated constructions are gaining momentum. Each year more clients decide for a high quality and modular construction of their new home. The list of advantages includes incredibly quick construction, eco-friendliness and personalized design to fit each client’s needs and preferences.  

Prefabricated modular building systems  

Modern modular building systems – comfortable, yet functional

Modern modular building systems offer innovative and stylish design features, as well as technical amenities and comfortable living conditions. REM aims to stand out from its competition with a detail-based work ethic and sophisticated, functional appearance. Their exclusive use of recyclable materials is yet another positive feature of their business practice. They are currently most known for their work on portable container office buildings, which offer comfort in a very confined area.

Personalized architectural design is paramount for client’s that require specific parameters or features. Modern modular building systems are incredibly flexible – they may be redesigned and made to fit different standards or requirements. Depending on the region’s climate, the stability of the surface or other outside conditions, the modular building may be improved to serve its owners properly. Underfoot heating may be installed, as well as air-conditioning. Fire alarms are automatically installed in all constructions.

Modular construction system must follow standard requirements

A standard construction must follow all the necessary legal regulations. Prior to the commencement of construction, the owner must attain the required documentation and building permit. The construction documentation required for a modular construction system is identical to that of a regular, standard construction.