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Modular living containers are prefabricated units which can be assembled together into a modular construction system, or they can be used individually. Their application is truly versatile: they can be used as a second home in remote places where other construction is more demanding; they are added to campsites as a more luxurious option; they can be set up as motels; or they can provide shelter as temporary living containers for workers in remote locations. However, modular living containers, combined into modern modular construction systems are more and more used by governments to provide affordable and high quality housing. Housing problems are among the bigger problems many governments are trying to find a sustainable and efficient solution to. Modular living containers might just be the right answer to these problems.prefabricated modular units

The benefits of prefabricated modular units

In the past prefabrication was mainly used to construct temporary living containers. These were, at times, of inferior quality due to poor insulation and overall low quality of materials which were used. However, prefabrication and construction of modular living containers in general have been developed and perfected to the point which makes prefabricated buildings practically indistinguishable from the ones built with more traditional construction techniques. In some aspects they even surpass them. Prefabricated modular units are produced in factories, where production is not weather dependent and can be done around the clock. Protected environment also account for fewer mistakes in modular elements and contributes to steady high quality production.

High quality of modular living containers can also be attributed to the materials used in the construction. They have good insulating properties which reduce the amount of energy needed for heating and maintaining. At the same time they are safe because they are fire resistant and perform well during earthquakes.

Modular construction system is very time efficient

Because all modular elements are manufactured in a streamlined way in factories, the amount of work on construction sites is very much reduced. With a good foundation base and accessibility to power and water supply, the various parts are easily and quickly assembled, with no additional time needed for individual parts to dry before units are completely finished and put to use. This is a useful feature for temporary living containers, as well as for permanent ones. Short time on construction sites considerably reduces overall costs of modular living containers, which has significant impact on affordability of permanent modular living containers.

modern modular building systems

Modern modular building systems as new and attractive housing developments

Modular units as unattractive boxes are part of a distant past: modern modular living containers are designed with style and can take on many different looks. The outside appearance of modular living containers is one of the more attractive features of modern modular building systems. Various facades which complement each other in color and design give new housing developments the look of a modern and pleasant living environment. However, great design is not only a matter of outer appearances, it can be observed indoors as well. Flexible and various well-thought out floor plans accommodate different layouts and distribution of rooms which greatly increases the versatility of modular living containers. If needed, they can be combined in bigger spaces that together make up modern modular building systems which are modern looking, as well as comfortable to live in.

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Temporary living containers repeatedly come to the rescue

There are times when a quick housing solution is required due to various reasons. It might be because of a big work project in a remote location or the need to set up a temporary military base. Whatever the reason, good living conditions are required for all the people involved. While the use of trailers can provide a certain level of comfort, temporary living containers ensure the stay in such demanding conditions is comfortable. Modular living containers are flexible enough in design to be assembled in bigger spaces which are needed in such circumstances. It is quite easy to assemble cafeterias, common bathrooms with showers, as well as dorm rooms. These units can be assembled on site, however, it is also important that they can also be as easily disassembled and reused in a different location.