Charcoal cookers and how will cooking on a charcoal grill change your life

charcoal cookers

Charcoal cookers are the perfect combination of an oven and a grill. Combining both in one practical appliance allows faster and tastier food preparation. The advanced technology enables the preparation of succulent dishes with a distinctive aroma. Open areas combined with high heat help air easily flow around and give it a characteristic smokey flavour.

When cooking with other appliances, more often than not, a sacrifice has to be made - incredible flavours or the texture of the food. When cooking on charcoal, you do not have to sacrifice fat loss, the juiciness of the stake or the delicious, wood-fired aroma. Less convection, greater throughput, low charcoal consumption and faster cooking time enable a better work environment and versatility in cooking.

That means almost anything can be prepared in it - from top-quality stakes and juicy burgers to delicate salmon and even pizza. Quality manufacturing with innovative solutions ensures that ergonomically friendly cookers are the perfect choice for restaurants or homes. What about the price? At first glance, they may cost a bit more than other similar machines. But when considering the lifespan, it becomes clear that they are more cost-efficient in the long run. 

Why should every kitchen have charcoal cookers, Kopa?

Cooking on charcoal grill Kopa can only be described as a unique experience. Durability is strongly valued, so carefully selected materials are configured by leading robot and laser technologies, with significant attention to detail naturally. The product is the end result of highly technological processes, with attributes that cannot be ignored.

Breakthrough design distributes heat quickly and evenly with help of two hatches. When igniting, both should be opened, and then after the desired temperature is reached, the bottom hatch should be closed. Regulating the heat with the top hatch will allow consistent and fast cooking. Kopa cookers are up to 40% faster, with up to 66% more throughput on the same footprint than others.

In a restaurant and at home kitchen, enough workspace is essential. Ergonomically friendly charcoal cookers have a specially developed system that allows opening and closing doors with just one finger. Substantial insulation prevents heating of the surrounding area and significantly reduces burn risk.

Kopa appliances were designed with a crucial advantage - energy efficiency. Energy-efficient systems can use up to 50% less charcoal than any other machines, which results in lower operating costs.
To top it all off, Kopa appliances have a wonderfully designed elegant exterior that is also functional. While stainless steel and the enamelled colour front ensure durability despite high temperatures, fire break filters out most of the soot and prevents flames from exiting the oven. 

cooking on charcoal grill

How to maintain charcoal cookers, and why should you?

Cooking on a charcoal grill is much more enjoyable and healthy if the grill is adequately maintained. The first rays of sunshine mean the barbecue season is almost upon us. But before firing up the grill, it is a good idea to clean it. Every “grill master” will tell you that the secret to a successful cookout is a clean grill.

Cleaning the cooker will not only prolong its lifespan but also guarantee healthy food preparation and prevent fire hazards. Old food or grease debris are a health risk as germs and bacteria thrive in such an environment. So scraping the old bits before the next meal prevents food poisoning or a stomach bug.

Detailed cleaning savours the food that is cooking and its delicious aromas. Properly maintained charcoal cookers heat up faster and cook more evenly. But how often should you clean them? They deserve an annual deep cleaning, but they also should be scrubbed after each use, as cleaning will prevent:

• Extensive bacteria growth
• Grease and food build-up
• Deterioration and rusting
• Dangerous flare-ups
• Premature part failure

cooking on a charcoal grill