Outdoor grill and oven, and what are the best charcoal BBQs attributes? 

Outdoor grill and oven perfectly combined in one appliance are ideal for every restaurant or home kitchen. It is hard to deny how significantly cooking evolved through preparation and methods. Different methods can create a thoroughly different tasting experience, elevating aroma and flavours.

Many believe that large charcoal grills are the most authentic of all. Cooking with coal is one of the most popular techniques, so no wonder it became an integral part of the culture. Whether you are a true gourmet or just having a great Saturday afternoon, it is hard not to be affected by wood-fired, delicious, smoky flavours in your food.
But before you place that stake on, check if the cooker is clean. Believe it or not, one of the most common reasons for the awful taste of the dish is food and grease debris. After every use, you should give the BBQ a quick clean. Cleaning will prolong the lifespan, prevent build-up and extensive bacteria growth.

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What to consider when buying your first outdoor charcoal oven?

The best charcoal BBQ has various definitions that vastly depend on the person preparing the meal. If, you have never owned a BBQ before, selecting one can seem daunting. Should you look for the best quality? Increased efficiency? Something reliable or cost-effective?

How about all of the above? If you are planning on buying the BBQ, it is a good idea to consider what you will use it for. The most common mistake beginners make, is believing they don't deserve high quality.

However, if your budget and space allow, you should get the best grill on the market. They are manufactured from the most suitable materials and are durable, reliable and efficient. When choosing the appliance, make sure to check: 

1. Cooking layout
Determine how much space you need for cooking. Are you preparing food just for a family or a large family gathering? If you often cook for more people, you will have to consider a larger layout. Considering the volume, some ovens have a relatively big capacity.

2. Mobility
Kopa outdoor grill and oven are fully mobile and do not require any electricity or gas supply. For optimal mobility, they can be fitted with wheels.

3. Quality
The materials used in making the apparatus are crucial. Stainless steel BBQs have incredible durability and hold up remarkably well to the heath. Look for innovative construction and mechanism that will distribute heat evenly and quickly. 

4. Efficiency
Efficiency is crucial whether you are cooking for family or customers in restaurants. Using an efficient outdoor grill and oven with lower energy consumption will reflect on the operating costs.

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Large charcoal grills and their best attributes 

Outdoor grill and oven Kopa was designed to guarantee a lower cost of operation and to improve the flavours of the dishes. Complying with the highest quality standards, cookers are made of stainless steel and an enamelled colour front.

Cautiously selected materials are completed using an advanced robot and laser technology with incredible attention to detail. The simplicity of design allows immediate use without spending much time installing it or learning how to use it. The design has only two vents through which the heat is regulated.

The one at the bottom is used at ignition and is closed during the cookery. The vent on the top moves and controls the temperature.

In many kitchens, the high temperatures seem to be the enemy, but not anymore. Outdoor charcoal oven Kopa was created using insulation that keeps heat loss low and prevents the kitchen from overheating. Due to specially developed systems and reliable use, it is suitable for experienced chefs and beginners. 

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7 things you need to master when using a charcoal BBQ oven

Outdoor charcoal oven is widely popular and is a great way to add smoky flavour to food - whether it is a steak, ribs, seafood, chicken, pizza or anything else. Even though cooking with coal seems easy, there are some things to keep in mind and suggestions to follow that guarantee successful cooking. 

1. Always start with a clean surface, as grease and old food debris heavily affect the taste of the food.
2. Consider what types of food you are preparing and how long they cook. That will affect how long you will need the coals to stay hot. 
3. Know your flames and wait for the coal to ignite from top to bottom.
4. Create different heat zones, which will allow you to cook various foods at the same time.
5. Learn how to light the coal based on what dish you are preparing to cook.
6. Know your grill accessories and tools. They will not only make a difference while cooking but will also prevent any unnecessary accidents.
7. Clean the outdoor grill and oven by removing the racks and cleaning them with a wire brush and wet cloth.

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