Crdb (meaning Central Reference Database): easy links to Quadon NP

The CRDB database - Central Reference Database – denotes an administrative database nationwide, which is connected to telecommunications providers through network interfaces. Quadon NP is a comprehensive answer  to the demands of porting cell phone numbers, which manages the different stakeholders: telecommunications regulators that are in charge of the crdb, but also clients and operators. The system provides a link between the central reference database (crdb) and the operators, as well as their adequate departments. It guarantees respect for highest international standards and a modular structure.

CRDB database app

Crdb database and users: Quadon NP tracks all number portability in your country

Consumers can change their mobile and landline communications providers while keeping their phone numbers. This is important because it allows for continuity of service and business and ensures consumer satisfaction. Generally, the attitude towards changing the phone number is very negative. All number portability is tracked in crdb database - central administrative database, connected to the telecommunications stakeholders. While the systems can be very complex, the Teletech product Quadon™ NP is a high-quality portability system, designed for the highest transparency of regulators in telecommunications. The solution is made for regulators with the goal to ensure a highly effective service for landline and mobile number portability with the utmost customer satisfaction rate.

Why choose Quadon to manage your crdb (meaning: Central Reference Database)

Our experts have developed this comprehensive product based on best practices and experience from all over the world. Quadon™ tool for number portability is aligned to standards of NP Clearing House design. We've even upgraded those conditions with additional integrated features. All required processes for number portability are supported, i.e. Port-in and Port-out, as well as Porting between other operators, not to mention Repatriation, Cooling-off, and others. The product's characteristics match the highest expectations of costumers, operators and regulators across the globe.

Crdb number porting tracking anywhere in the world to the highest standard

The architecture of Quadon™ NP is upgradeable and flexible to account for wishes of various customers in different countries. With our extensive experience and expertise we have been able to design a solution matching various systems and environments. We've ensured the observation of NP Clearing House design best practices, and even extended them. The structure of highest availability ensures uncomplicated service upgrades, as well as maintenance and high scalability. The level of quality is kept to the maximum, while keeping a balance of cost-efficiency. The service is deployable in your home country, or can be hosted in another country, which is allowed by the cloud service.

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Never be off line with the option of choosing the crdb app

Quadon™ NP joins top-end industry standards with our personalised service and know-how. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the legal and regulatory issues and provide solutions for your environment. We follow the NP Clearing House design standards and are a »one stop shop« for all your queries regarding number portability. This tool provides a comprehensive solution for porting services in all directions: between landlines or mobile numbers, as well as fixed to mobile or vice-versa. We support repatriation procedures. Additionally, the system ensures support for VAS with the ENUM architecture and the unbundling of local loops. The system is extremely user-friendly and consumer-oriented. You can also easily track and monitor market trends with our integrated tools. Contact our web team or call any of our offices worldwide for a first-hand advice and more information. Regardless of your location we will provide a tailor-made answer to your needs.