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Industrial hygiene equipment for optimal hygiene monitoring

In NIEROS® we are completely aware that in many industries hygiene come first in any aspect and in any stage of the working process. In industries such as food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry or healthcare, there is no room for poor hygiene standard because the risk of contamination is too high.

With this in our minds, in NIEROS® we designed different product that will help achieve and maintain the required hygiene standard in your industry. With our industrial cleaning equipment, it is easy to maintain a clean and sterile work environment, having your sanitary needs covered at every stage of the production process. All of the products are constructed form stainless steel, which ensure long life span as well as easy maintenance of the products.Apron and Boot Washing Cabin SWKIndustrial hygiene equipment is used to wash or disinfect machinery and the production area. It may also be used to sterilize some products, used equipment, tools or work surfaces and to purify or clean the product by removing impurities. Choosing a suitable cleaning system depends on the type of product or equipment to be cleaned as well as sensitivity of the product to heat, pressure and chemicals and the level of sterility desired. In finding the best solution for your workspace get in touch with our team. We will be happy to share with you additional information about industrial cleaning equipment we have to offer. What is more, in NIEROS® we are well aware that needs in industries vary, so we can offer you tailor made solutions that will be the best for your business. All of our high-quality parts of industrial cleaning equipment will be adopted to the needs of your company.

We offer numerous products you can choose from

In our industrial cleaning equipment program, you can choose from a variety of products. There are industrial washers available that are used world-wide. NIEROS® fully comprehensive industrial washing machine range is the answer to a variety of businesses where superior washing performance is expected, going hand in hand with user-friendly operation and also operating costs of industrial washing machine are low. What is more, there are also hand cleaning stations available as well as boot cleaning stations.Knife Basket Sterilizer MK

High-quality industrial washers are ready to clean aprons, towels, sheets and more

Our industrial washing machines are made from high-quality built-in parts and the framework is made from stainless steel. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the durability. All of our industrial washer for sale have long life span as well as high efficiency and user-friendly software. There are five types of industrial washers available in our program:

  • Multipurpose industrial washers represent a convenient solution for any business where a variety of items needs to be washed. Industrial washers are equipped with a water recycling system to reduce fresh water and energy consumption. Also, a double filtering system is installed to effectively trap dirt particles. Moreover, there is also a low water protection device preventing damage to the machine in case of insufficient water level. What is more, NIEROS® industrial crate, pallet, container, bin and utensil washers are sanitized with hot water at 85 °C to achieve superior hygiene in any production area, food and pharmaceutical industry in particular.
  • Total industrial washing solutions are suitable for numerous of businesses in which superior washing performance and ultimate hygiene is expected; even more so in all food-processing enterprises where precision is imperative, going hand in hand with eco- and user-friendly operation and, needless to say, low operating costs. With these systems any dirt item or peace of equipment can be cleaned and sanitized quickly and thoroughly.
  • Item-specific washers. These washers are available in tunel or cebine version an represent a first class solution for any business with specific items with similar shape, size or material to be washed. A variety of options and additional equipment is available with each model, but it is the high washing capacity and sustainable features such as water recycling system, collecting rinse water to be used in the washing or pre-washing phase, that make NIEROS® industrial washers pass with flying colours.
  • Specialized machines are the answer to any industrial washing process aiming towards superior performance. They are combined with our washing machines and what is more, they are indispensable in a wide array of industries such as bakery, dairy, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetable, meat, chemical and other sectors, functioning either as an independent or a modular unit of a broader washing system.

All our industrial washing machines ensure superior washing experience during the entire cleaning process. What is more – they are user friendly and contain adjustable washing parameter so you can adopt them to your very needs. Moreover, that contain water recycling software and are easy to clean and maintain. Operating cost are low and life span of the machines is long.