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What is material handling equipment and where do we use it?

The term material handling equipment describes mechanical equipment used for the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products, throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal.

With NIEROS® material handling equipment lifting, tipping, tilting and transporting loads of various sizes, shapes and weights will no longer be a problem. Material handling equipment is applicable to a wide range of product processes to create time and place utility through the handling, storage, and control of materials. And what is probably the most important, your product will stay safe throughout the movement.

NIEROS® is one of the global leaders in material handling equipment production as well as other stainless-steel products. In our company we always make sure everything is meeting required standards. All of our products are made from high quality stainless-steel which gives all the products available long life span as well as ensures easy maintenance.  We are well aware that in numerus industries clients need custom made solutions for their plants. With NIEROS® this is not a problem at all. We will work hard to meet your needs and the needs your business.NIEROS material handling equipment Working with material handling equipment manufactured by NIEROS® is time and cost efficient as well as user friendly and safe. Moreover, automated material handling system is enabling humanization of work processes and economical management.

Material handling solutions manufactured by NIEROS® are used world wide

NIEROS® intralogistics and material handling solutions were firstly designed to meet the needs of food processing industry, but are now used in numerous industries world-wide. They include transport systems, food processing lines, material handling equipment, and warehouse systems. All of our equipment come with different benefits. Firstly, the design of material handling equipment is ergonomic, which ensures better comfort and productivity. Moreover, production lines are rationalized and performance is therefore optimized. Because we know, that time efficiency is the key to successful production lines, we installed effective digital monitoring system which helps with time- cost optimization.

All of our products and machinery is inspired by our clients. Our dedicated team is constantly developing new solutions and technologies to satisfy the needs of our customers’ businesses. Therefore, we offer fully comprehensive and customized intralogistics solutions that perfectly fit the needs of your production process. Furthermore, all of our material handling equipment is in compliance with the highest quality requirements and hygiene standards. Additionally, we offer numerous possibilities of additional operations and functions of our machine.

With ergonomic lifting solutions you can lift almost any product

In the group of material handling equipment, we are manufacturing high quality lifting systems, designed to lift almost any product possible. NIEROS® lift systems are a convenient and ergonomic lifting solution designed to lift different load classes to a height of up to 6 metres for further handling, tilting, dosing or stacking and retrieving.Wash frame NIEROWASH ONRNIEROS® lifting solutions come with many possibilities. NIEROS®. Lifting (and also tilting) height is adjustable. Every lifting system produced by NIEROS® can be designed as fully mobile to be used in various working environments for multiple work tasks. The devices can be equipped with a broad assortment of lifting attachments specific to your needs in order to handle different types of bins, barrels, boxes, and various packaging materials. Moreover, all of our lifting systems also contain a double safety system, consisting of NIEROS® Safety Lock, Hold & Work principle and Soft Stop & Start function. With this system gentle lifting of fragile loads is enabled without any thrust or vibration. This prevents any abrupt movements or swings of the elevated load, protecting the unit from damage. Its robust and innovative design, coupled with all the safety features, provides a safe work environment, significantly reducing the risk of injury and time spent on handling the load, which, in turn, results in high productivity and reduced labour costs.

High quality and easy to use tilting equipment

Our tilting equipment enables easy, quick and safe material handling, such as dosing, emptying, cleaning and weighing to achieve superior performance and impeccable hygiene. As well as other material handling devices, tilting equipment is made from stainless steel, which ensures durability, high hygiene standard and long life span of the machines. You can choose from Tilter Nierolift ONR and Wash Frame NIEROWASH ONR. Tilter Nierolift ONR is designed to empty standard 200- and 300-litre Eurobins from an elevated position by discharging waste products into floor chutes, stackable tanks, containers and other waste disposal units without the employment of excessive force. On the other hand, Wash Frame NIEROWASH ONR is a perfect solution for quick, easy and efficient cleaning of 200- and 300-litre Eurobins.

All of our products are made from stainless steel, which ensure long life span and durability of all our machines. With this, NIEROS® is listed among the most reliable and trustworthy partners. For all additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.