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Industrial equipment plays a big part in any industry

Industrial equipment can be classified as specialized equipment, designed to process specific parts; multipurpose adjustable equipment for processing parts of various shapes and dimensions (with resetting for each standard size by replacement of some elements, adjustment of their positions, and additional alignment); and multipurpose equipment, for processing parts of various shapes and dimensions without resetting. It usually includes mounting, guiding (or adjusting), clamping, indexing, and rotating elements, and also mechanized (mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, pneumohydraulic, and electromechanical) drives to actuate the elements.

In modern times, industrial equipment includes monitoring, adjustment, interlock, and safety devices. The monitoring equipment is usually directly linked to the machining process and interconnected with the basic equipment.Smoke trolleyNIEROS® industrial equipment is essential for the optimization of work processes, providing very important support to all manufacturers that need to achieve the highest hygiene standards. Our broad diversity of products is constructed in high-quality stainless steel, which makes them easy to maintain, long lasting and durable, following the latest trends in the food processing industry.

NIEROS® essential equipment features desks and worktables, bins, containers and tanks, trolleys, accessories and utensils, railings, wall and corner impact protection, cooling tanks, ham presses, and drains.

Industrial storage solutions

Industrial storage solutions produced by Nieros are not only easy to operate and maintain but, due to their high-quality materials and built-in parts, also very long-lasting. Besides the standard ones, the company offers some personalised, tailor made solutions, that can be completely modified to fit your needs. All Nieros systems are easy to clean and perfect fit for the companies in pursuit for the highest hygiene levels. The company covers manual operation, automatic charging and manual removal, manual charging and automatic removal and automatic charging and automatic removal modes, which means they can be operated either automatically or manually. Nieros industrial storage systems enable maximal space utilization, time-cost optimization, simple and accurate inventory control, and are equipped with quick and effective traceability system for easy and quick location of any item around the warehouse.

Industrial racking systems

Nieros pallet racking systems play a part of the companyˈ s high-quality, modular and customizable logistics solutions. They allow the optimal storage and transport in the smallest possible spaces and are suitable for a variety of different industries.

Industrial storage racks are designed for carrying heavy loads, and mostly used in industrial warehouses. They can be installed without any structural changes to buildings warehouses. Their loading and unloading can be automatic or manual. They contain special system extensions with additional racks and angle reinforcements. The ones made for warehouses have adjustable grids (200 mm) and a standard rack height of 1800 mm. Each rack accommodates up to 9 shelves. Industrial storage racks have two possible depths (430 and 550 mm), and twelve lengths (from 600 to 1900 mm). Their shelf capacity is 200 kg of evenly distributed weight. The company also offers some specially designed storage racks that can be a perfect fit for cold storages or commission rooms with limited area.

Storage system

Industrial conveyor systems

Especially in processing industries, material handling conveyors represent a great way of optimizing resources. Nieros industrial conveyors help many different companies to achieve their highest efficiency. Their flexible systems are adapted to the nowadays distribution and logistics demands.

Balancing the costs, the company has completed the highest level of technical advancement and innovation. Their conveyor belt, transport or assembly line is a classic in the field of infrared logistics, especially useful for bulk goods. It is known to be relatively inexpensive, robust and capable of transporting bulk material without the unnecessary containers.

Automated conveyor systems can be totally adapted to any kind of production line or industry branch. Because they understand the uniqueness of every single business, Nieros offers completely personalized solutions and will develop automated conveyor system that is tailored to fit the needs of any customer.

Industrial logistic systems

Nieros industrial logistic systems are user centred, easy to use and ergonomic, which helps the production personnel fulfil their tasks regularly and comfortably and raises productivity. The company designs flexible storage solutions, with a choice of automated or manual operation. The customers can decide between fully automated logistics management, pick and place systems or gravitational warehouses. Making the decision of a kind, there should be some consideration of how much storage space there is, and what kind of products should be stored. The greatest Nieros logistic systems benefits are time and cost optimisation, great space utilisation, efficient tracking and tracing and simple inventory control. The company guarantees their design flexibility and simple maintenance. All of their products can be fully integrated, and the last but not the least, just like every other product produced by Nieros, every single one of them has an option of complete optimisation to individual needs.